Interesting Online Casino Facts
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21 Interesting Online Casino Facts

21 Interesting Online Casino Facts


The online casino is more than it appears to be. It’s clear that the online casino gambling industry has become more and more advanced over time as technology continues to develop. But how did the online casino come to be? Who are the people taking seats at tables and spinning slot machines? Check out this list of 21 interesting online casino facts to dig a little deeper into the mysterious world of online gambling.

Fact Number 1:

The first ever online casino was launched by Microgaming in 1994, just three years after the internet came into existence. The site was called The Gaming Club, and offered only a few games to play. Since then, online casinos have continued to pop up on the internet, with thousands of official establishments registered on the web today.

Fact Number 2:

Statistics show that men are more likely to visit the online casino that women. Almost 84% of gamblers are male. However, it’s interesting to note that the first ever legal casino licence issued in Las Vegas was given to a woman called Mayme Stoker in 1920. The number of active female players is thought to be increasing annually.

Fact Number 3:

A resident of Helsinki, Finland, achieved the biggest win in online casino history. The newcomer won almost 18 million euros after playing Mega Fortune for just 30 minutes on the PAF gambling website.

Fact Number 4:

You can ban yourself from the online casino. allows players to self exclude from the site, meaning you are preventing yourself from using the online casino. This benefits players who feel that they are spending too much time and money on gambling games. Visit for more information and guidance on responsible gambling.

Fact Number 5:

Monte Carlo is famous for its wealth and luxurious lifestyle. It’s also the home of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, but did you know that the most prominent of the four traditional quarters of Monaco is known for the Monte Carlo Casino? However, the law says that Monaco citizens are prohibited from gambling in the infamous casino as of the 1800s. Residents are free to gamble online as they wish.

Fact Number 6:

Roulette was once referred to as" the devil’s game." This is because the total of all of the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666. Give online roulette a try and see if the devil’s luck is on your side.

Fact Number 7:

More and more players are choosing the online casino over the real thing. The percentage of players who play online slots is a huge 90%, whilst only 10% of players choose to play in land-based casinos.

Fact Number 8:

Gambling is huge in the United Kingdom. The UK Gambling Commission estimates that the British gambling industry generates billions of pounds each year. Sports betting is the most popular form of wagering in Britain.

Fact Number 9:

The first ever mobile casino was launched in 2004, again by Microgaming.

Fact Number 10:

The majority of online casinos are not affiliated with land-based ones. It’s thought that many land-based casinos don’t want to take anything away from more traditional sources of revenue. However, times are clearly changing, as many casinos are now launching online casino companions.

Fact Number 11:

The first ever online poker website, named PlanetPoker, began in 1998. You can play online poker at - will you play your cards close to your chest?

Fact Number 12:

Card games are proving to be one of the most popular online casino games available. Just like the real thing, online card games use standard card decks.Check out our live casino games and table games if you want to find out why they’re such a hit among players.

Fact Number 13:

The first ever online progressive jackpot game was launched by Microgaming in 1994.

Fact Number 14:

Live casino games were first introduced by a company called Playtech, who are now the world’s largest supplier of online gaming software.

Fact Number 15:

The most popular online casino game is slots. With bonus features, fun themes and vibrant designs, it’s not wonder they’ve proven so popular among players. They also offer a lot of choice to suit any interest or mood, from movie themed games to the more classic fruit machine style slots. According to the UK Gambling Commission, there was a threefold increase in online slots gaming between 2009 and 2015, earning £767 million in 2014/2015.

Fact Number 16:

The world’s biggest jackpot win from online slots made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. On the 6th October 2015, a man named John Heywood from Cardiff won an eye-watering about of money. £13.2 million to be exact. Check out our impressive range of jackpot slots if you’d like to try your luck at winning the lucrative Jackpot King Progressive.

Fact Number 17:

You can play many online games for free. The majority of online slots and table games here at can be played in demo mode, which means you can see if you like the game before you spend any real money.

Fact Number 18:

Roulette was not originally intended to be a casino game. Famous French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented Roulette for the purpose of building a machine that would remain perpetually in motion. Today, the online casino has French, American and European versions to play.

Fact Number 19:

Statistics show that active gamblers using online casinos make up 11% of the total number of internet users around the world.

Fact Number 20:

The outcomes of many online casino games are determined by a random number generator. Land-based casino games use a similar type of software. So how do number generator programs work? Essentially, the software is just a list of numbers that correspond to an outcome in an online casino game, for example blackjack or roulette. This program is perhaps the most important piece of technology in the gambling industry.

Fact Number 21:

A survey carried out by the UK Gambling Commission in 2017 found that the use of mobile or tablet devices to gamble had increased by 10% since 2015. You can enjoy all of your favourite slots, table and live casino games on a mobile device here at!

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