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Horse Racing Betting Guide

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For as long as horse racing has existed, there has been the opportunity for spectators to bet on races. Known as the Sport of Kings, it has been seen as a noble pursuit for centuries revered by many civilisations. Today, horse racing is a global sport enjoyed by millions, and if you enjoy a flutter, here at, we can bring you competitive odds right through the racing calendar.

Here we take a look at how you should browse the latest horse racing betting odds, we’ll also run through some of the top horse racing betting options, and we’ll also take a look at some of the smart horse racing betting strategies.

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How To Bet On Horse Racing

When it comes to betting on horse racing with, it's easy! Select our online betting page from the main navigation bar on our website, and from there head to the left-hand column which lists the sports that we offer markets for. Horse racing is third from the top. When you arrive on our horse racing page, you will see a choice of three tabs - 'UK & Ireland', 'International', and Future and these will list all the markets for upcoming races in each region.

Punters can then view each race from the courses on offer that day by selecting a race time. The odds for each horse are located at the end of the row next to the horse's name, and you can also read through a horse's information - such as form, weight and age - and then click on the odds to make a wager.

What Horse Racing Festivals Can I Bet On At

Here at, we offer odds on a huge range of horse races throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to bet on Flat racing or National Hunt racing you can count on us for odds on the showpiece racing events from across the UK, including; the Cheltenham Festival, the Epsom Derby, the Grand National and Royal Ascot. But aside from these world-famous events, punters can expect racecards from all the biggest meeting each day so you can bet now on every meeting.

Horse Racing Betting Options

Now punters are aware of which festivals and meetings they can place a bet on, we’ll also take a look at some of the most common types of horse racing bets which are on offer at


Simple and straightforward. You just pick the horse which you think will finish first in the race. Remember, though this kind bet doesn't offer you much flexibility as some of the others on offer as your horse must finish first for you to win. But you can expect it to offer attractive odds if you avoid choosing the favourite and the field for the races has a large number of runners.


A place bet refers to a wager which pays out if your horse finished in any of the top three places. It should be noted that a third-place dividend is only paid out in races contested by eight or more horses, with this dropping to second place if the race has 7 runners or less. The next number to watch out for is 16 as this increase the placing payout to fourth place. If you are confident of a horse performing well, but aren't too sure if it will win, a place bet could be a good strategy.

Each way

Fancy a horse to win a race, but want to give yourself a little leeway? An each-way bet could be for you. With an each-way bet, you will be paid out if your horse wins or comes second or third. This is because an each-way wager consists of a 'win bet' and a 'place bet'.


An exacta is a bet for which the punter predicts the horses which will finish first and second in the precise order. You can expect longer horse racing odds on an exacta than a winning bet, but remember that your runners must finish in the exact order you have predicted.

Reverse Forecast

Similar to a forecast, in a reverse forecast you again predict the horses which will finish in first and second. The difference is that a reverse forecast pays out whichever order your horses finish in the top two spots. If you want an exacta with a bit more flexibility, this bet can be the way to go.

Combination Horse Racing Bets


Fancy a horse to win in 2 different races then why not combine them into a double bet. This will mean both of the selections need to win in order for the bet to payout. If the first horse is victorious, the winnings that would have been paid out for that race will then be wagered on the second.


This bet is similar to a double but instead involves 3 horses instead of 2. The wagering process is the same.


This a bet which can be placed across an entire meeting, involving three different selections, the bet consists of 3 doubles, 1 treble bet and a single. Two of your chosen horses must be winners for this bet to payout.


If you add another horse to your selections then it will change from a Patent to a Yankee. This consists of 11 bets on four different selections and is formed of 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 accumulator. For this bet to be successful, 2 of your selections will need to win.

Lucky 15

Another bet which consists of 4 different runners from different races. This bet, however, is made up of 4 single, 6 doubles, 3 trebles and 1 fourfold. If one horse wins then punters may receive a small return, it will then increase respectively. This bet is often seen as the best value of multiple bets.

Ante Post Betting

Ante Post Horse Racing betting will normally be available for the biggest races in the calendar meaning punters can place bets months in advance in an attempt to get the best odds for a specific horse. The most straightforward type of ante post betting is Win, but as the horses can change until the day of the race, you may end up losing your money if they don’t compete.

So now you’re ready for the races? To place the horse racing bets mentioned in this article - plus many other bets such as accumulators - head to

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All odds from the online sportsbook are correct at time of writing.

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