Tennis Betting Guide

Tempted by a flutter on the Tennis? The game which dates back as far as Henry VIII has developed into one of the most popular sports on the planet; played all year round on several playing surfaces - from Argentina to Australia, and Singapore to Spain. Tennis matches can take us on a sporting rollercoaster, with sudden switches in momentum and nail-biting finishes adding to the fun. It is why betting on Tennis can have you on the edge of your seat, and if you are eyeing up the tennis betting markets, is the place to come!

But how can you bet on Tennis? Which tennis betting markets are available? And what are the different strategies which you could employ in search of a big win? Let’s take a closer look in this guide where we’ll explain tennis betting in more detail.

What Games Can I Bet On In Tennis?

There are hundreds of tennis matches played around the world each year that you can bet on. The two main professional tennis series, and the most popular when it comes to betting, are the ATP Tour for men and the WTA Tour for women. The ITF Pro Circuit also covers a range of matches across the globe. You can rely on for betting markets on the top events from each of these competitions. That goes for standard events, Masters series events, the Grand Slams, and the end-of-year ATP Finals and WTA Finals.

The four Grand Slams are revered as being the ultimate prizes in Tennis. They are the Australian Open, which takes place in January; the French Open, which is typically held in May and June; Wimbledon in the UK, held in July; and the US Open, which takes place during late August/early September.

In addition to the high profile tournaments, many other matches played around the world each year, with many available to bet on.

How To Bet On Tennis

If you want to bet on Tennis, then you’re in the right place. All you need to do is head to our sports betting area and there you will be able to access the tennis betting markets. You’ll see a list of today’s matches, or upcoming matches in the centre of your screen. You can switch to see scheduled games from the top competitions, those being played ‘Live Now’, and a directory of all scheduled competitions under ‘All Leagues’.

You can either click on the odds for each match’s outcome or click on the match itself for a range of other available markets.

Tennis Betting Options

Let’s look at some typical tennis betting markets:

Outright Winner

One of the most common tennis bets is to predict the outright winner of a contest. It should be noted that in Tennis there are no draws in matches. Odds can vary considerably depending on how highly each player is ranked, and their form. Look for value in capable underdogs.

Over Under Tennis Betting

The over-under, also known as ‘total games’, requires the punter to predict whether the number of games played in a match will be over or under a certain amount. Attention should be paid as to whether the match is best of three or five sets. When betting in this market, note that the top male players are considered better at holding serve, meaning there could be a relatively large number of games played between two evenly matched male players.

Betting On Sets

Ahead of a tennis match, you can typically bet on which player will win a specific set. In pre-match markets, in a best of three sets match you can bet on set one and two, while in a five-set match, you can bet on sets one, two and three. When considering wagers on the first set, take a look at which players typically start matches well, and who has a tendency to start poorly.

Tennis Handicap Betting

Handicap betting involves wagers which have a handicap imposed on them. Let’s day Rafael Nadal is a heavy favourite to beat Dan Evans. If Nadal has a -1 handicap in sets in the pre-match market, that would mean that he effectively starts one set down. The punter can only win the bet if Nadal finishes with more sets than Evans - the actual outcome of the real-life match is irrelevant in this context. A handicap market can be a great way of making the odds offered for a heavy favourite more attractive, increasing the potential profit margin.

Tennis Live Betting

There are usually a significant number of live tennis betting markets available on These can range from the winner of the next game, set, or the odds on the match outcome. You can expect these odds to change constantly according to the outlook of the match. Punters can take advantage of the extra value which can be attained in live betting markets. For example, if a favourite goes one set down, his or her odds could have lengthened on winning the match.

Find The Latest Tennis Betting Options

If you want to bet on Tennis, we’ve got plenty of options here at From the biggest Grand Slam tournaments around the world to less high profile matches, you can find all the latest men’s and women’s tennis odds including in-match and handicap options right here.

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