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Last Updated: 12/05/2020

Unfortunately, 2020 has been a bit of a sore year for Sport with Tyson Fury defeating Deontay Wilder in the only major event of the year. One event we were engrossed in before it was cut short was Darts and the Premier League of Darts, it wasn’t the biggest betting event of the calendar year but in comparison to the events we’ve had in quarantine, it was massive. Thankfully, the PDC have created the PDC Darts Home Tour, a 32-night event where players will play from their houses in order to win the tournament. The success of events like this could be what defines the sporting year.

The Rules

- Matches are played in a best of nine legs format

- Player listed on the left of the fixture will throw first.

- Players receive Two points for a victory

- Leg Difference will be used to decide positions should players be level on points.

- If players are level on Leg Difference, it will go down to the winner of the game between the two.

- If three players are equal, it will be the winning average across all three games which will determine the winner.

Week Five Predictions

Group 25 - Monday May 11th (19:30)

Keegan Brown was originally set to be in a group a few weeks back but had to back out on the day. Hopefully, that won’t be the case this time around as he is the favourite to win this group featuring Reece Robinson, Jose De Sousa and veteran Robert Thornton. The veteran players have struggled in this tournament so far and the young players have caused a number of upsets. Jose De Sousa has been around for a long time without stamping his authority on the darts stage and has a brilliant chance to do so against Keegan Brown and Robert Thorton here. It is no surprise that De Sousa tops the odds table as a likely winner.

Keegan Brown v Reece Robinson - Brown to win: 4/7

Jose De Sousa v Robert Thornton - Sousa to win: 10/21

Reece Robinson v Robert Thornton - Robinson to win: 21/20

Keegan Brown v Jose De Sousa - Brown to win: 21/20

Jose De Sousa v Reece Robinson - Sousa to win: 5/13

Robert Thornton v Keegan Brown - Thornton to win: 23/29

Group 26 - Tuesday May 12th (19:30)

This is the second throw of the darts for these competitors, all of whom failed to win their initial group. Conan Whitehead and Mike De Decker were bested by Max Hopp in a three-man group. They faced each other twice and have 1-1 record in the tournament with Whitehead finishing higher in the group. While Steve Brown was unlucky to come up against an in-form Nathan Aspinall and Martin Atkins lost out to legs difference to Jeff Smith in Group 16.

Conan Whitehead v Steve Brown - Brown to win: 7/5

Mike De Decker v Martin Atkins - De Decker to win: 20/49

Steve Brown v Martin Atkins - Brown to win: 4/5

Conan Whitehead v Mike De Decker - Whitehead to win: 21/20

Mike De Decker v Steve Brown - De Decker to win: 5/12

Martin Atkins v Conan Whitehead - Atkins to win: 11/10

Group 27 - Wednesday May 13th (19:30)

Group 27 sees the runners-up from groups 3,4,13 and 14 face off against each other. Ron Meulenkamp is the favourite after losing out to an in-form Chris Dobey recently while Scott Waites is the only other player who won two games both Ross Smith and Steve Beaton were quite lucky to finish as the runner-up due to leg difference. We’d back Meulenkamp to take the victory here.

Steve Beaton v Scott Waites - Waites to win: 10/11

Ross Smith v Ron Meulenkamp - Meulenkamp to win: 20/33

Scott Waites v Ron Meulenkamp - Waites to win: 1/1

Steve Beaton v Ross Smith - Beaton to win: 5/7

Ross Smith v Scott Waites Smith to win: 10/11

Ron Meulenkamp v Steve Beaton - Meulenkamp to win: 5/6

Group 28 - Thursday May 14th (19:30)

Michael Smith Vs Luke Humphries has the potential to be the biggest match of the tournament yet. It was a big shock when both of these players lost their group games but particularly when Michael Smith lost to Martijn Kleermaker, with “The Dutch Giant” showing he has what it takes to compete at a top level. Filling out the group are Mike Van Duivenbode and Andy Boulton, Duivenbode was extremely unlucky to lose out to Alan Tabern in group 11 while Andy Boulton decimated James Wade but was outclassed by Ryan Searle.

Michael Smith v Mike van Duivenbode - Smith to win: 4/19

Luke Humphries v Andy Boulton - Humphries to win: 10/19

Mike van Duivenbode v Andy Boulton - Duivenbode to win: 20/23

Michael Smith v Luke Humphries - Humphries to win: 27/20

Luke Humphries v Mike van Duivenbode - Duivenbode to win: 7/5

Andy Boulton v Michael Smith - Smith to win: 20/67

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