Week Three Predictions

Group 11: Monday 27th April (19:30)

The first night of week three is an intriguing contest and could be the hardest night to call yet for Darts betting fans. Simon Whitlock is the clear favourite as the highly reputable name of the group but his lack of consistency in tournaments means that Alan Tabern or Kirk Shepherd could cause an upset. Both men have failed to live up to their potential in recent years but one man who is full of potential is Mike Van Doovenbode, the 21 year old has shown promising signs but let himself down in his UK Open debut.

Simon Whitlock Vs Mike Van Duivenbode - Whitlock to win: 10/27

Kirk Shepherd Vs Alan Tabern - Shepherd to win: 10/11

Mike Van Duivenbode Vs Alan Tabern - Duivenbode to win: 4/5

Simon Whitlock Vs Kirk Shepherd - Whitlock to win: 20/57

Kirk Shepherd Vs Mike Van Duivenbode - Duivenbode to win: 20/29

Alan Tabern Vs Simon Whitlock - Tabern to win: 33/20

Group 12: Tuesday 28th April (19:30)

The main name in group 12 is Keegan Brown who has been unlucky in tournaments since he debut Grand Slam where he beat Adrian Lewis and Raymond Van Barneveld. Then we have Max Hopp and Mike De Dekker two of the youngest names in the tournament as well as Conan Whitehead who typically competes in BDO tournaments but received a PDC tour card in 2019 who is the outsider here.

Max Hopp Vs Mike De Decker - Hopp to win: 10/19

Keegan Brown Vs Conan Whitehead - Brown to win: 4/7

Mike De Decker Vs Conan Whitehead - De Decker to win: 10/13

Max Hopp Vs Keegan Brown - Brown to win: 11/10

Keegan Brown Vs Mike De Decker - Brown to win: 20/31

Conan Whitehead Vs Max Hopp - Hopp to win: 10/21

Group 13: Wednesday 29th April (19:30)

If you’re a casual fan of the PDC it is highly likely that you will have only heard of Steve Beaton here. Beaton is a legend of the BDO circuit and has faced some of darts best on the grand stage. Meanwhile, Carl Wilkinson comes into this group as the virtually unknown but has a 100% record against Steve Beaton and holds wins over the likes of Glen Durrant and Luke Woodhouse. Callan Rydz is one of the youngest competitors at the tournament so far at 21 years old and the Geordie picked up his largest prize money yet earlier this year in the PDC World Championships. Rydz is definitely one to look out for.

Steve Beaton Vs Callan Rydz - Rydz to win: 27/20

Matthew Edgar Vs Carl Wilkinson - Edgar to win - 5/8

Callan Rydz Vs Carl Wilkinson - Rydz to win: 5/13

Steve Beaton Vs Matthew Edgar - Beaton to win: 5/13

Matthew Edgar Vs Callan Rydz - Edgar to win: 11/10

Carl Wilkinson Vs Steve Beaton - Wilkinson to win: 41/20

Group 14: Thursday 30th April (19:30)

Bedlington-born Chris Dobey has quickly made a name for himself on the Darts circuit with impressive performances in 2019 and 2020 and is thus the clear favourite on Night 14. However, Meulenkamp is the only opposition Dobey has played against in the past and Meulenkamp has two wins in their six matches. Ciaran Teehan is a young player who put in a fantastic performance to beat Ross Smith earlier this year and we can expect him to trouble either Dobey or Meulenkamp.

Chris Dobey Vs Ciaran Teehan - Dobey to win: 4/13

Ron Meulenkamp Vs Kai Fan Leung - Meulenkamp to win: 10/11

Ciaran Teehan Vs Kai Fan Leung - Teehan to win: 39/20

Chris Dobey Vs Ron Meulenkamp - Dobey to win: 20/39

Ron Meulenkamp Vs Ciaran Teehan- Meulenkamp to win: 1/2

Kai Fan Leung Vs Chris Dobey - Dobey to win: 4/7

Group 15: Friday 1st May (19:30)

If you grew up watching darts during the 2005-2013 era you’ll know the names Andy Hamilton and Darren Webster. Two players who had the ability to beat anyone on their day but were too inconsistent at their peak. They are joined by Bradley Brooks and Scott Baker both of whom will be looking to make an impression on a big stage against some highly reputable players.

Darren Webster Vs Bradley Brooks - Webster to win: 5/11

Scott Baker Vs Andy Hamilton - Baker to win: 20/23

Bradley Brooks Vs Andy Hamilton - Brooks to win: 20/21

Darren Webster Vs Scott Baker - Webster to win: 5/9

Scott Baker Vs Bradley Brooks - Brooks to win: 20/21

Andy Hamilton Vs Darren Webster - Hamilton to win: 6/5

Group 16: Saturday 2nd May

Now, you might be thinking: I remember Ricky Evans, why do I remember Ricky Evans? Well, ‘Rapid’ usually ends up playing some of the biggest names in Darts but you’ll know him as the fastest man to ever hit a ‘180’ as he threw all three darts perfectly in 2.16 seconds. Here he comes up against Martin Atkins, Christian Bunse and Jeff Smith. Bunse holds a 2020 victory over Michael Van Gerwen.

Ricky Evans Vs Martin Atkins - Evans to win: 1/4

Christian Bunse Vs Jeff Smith - Bunse to win: 27/20

Martin Atkins Vs Jeff Smith - Smith to win: 20/49

Ricky Evans Vs Christian Bunse - Evans to win: 10/31

Christian Bunse Vs Martin Atkins - Bunse to win: 2/3

Jeff Smith Vs Ricky Evans - Smith to win: 6/5

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