League of Legends World Championships Betting Tips

League of Legends World Championships

written 10th October 2019

Europe are you ready? The biggest teams from across the world are preparing to descend on Berlin, Paris and Madrid for one of the most anticipated tournaments in the world of eSports; the League of Legends World Championships.

Here at 21.co.uk we'll have all the information you need heading into the Group Stages, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and the Final, including which teams are likely to progress and the players who’ll make game-changing plays. We’ll also have all the latest League of Legends betting odds, so you’ll never miss out on the chance to place a bet on the group stages or who is likely to win the next map, secure the first dragon, or take down the Baron, so head over to 21.co.uk’s betting markets and you’ll be able to take a look at the potential tournament winners as we build-up to the World Championships.

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League of Legends World Championship Betting

Week 2

Group A Betting

17th October - GAM Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix FunPlus win @ 2/15

17th October - J Team vs Splyce J Team win @ 10/11

17th October - GAM Esports vs J Team GAM Esports win @ 5/4

17th October - Splyce vs FunPlus Phoenix FunPlus win @ 1/5

17th October - Splyce vs GAM Esports Splyce win @ 5/9

17th October - FunPlus Phoenix vs J Team FunPlus win @ 2/11

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Group B Betting

18th October - Team Griffin vs Cloud9 C9 win @ 41/20

18th October - G2 Esports vs Hong Kong Attitude G2 win @ 2/25

18th October - Hong Kong Attitude vs Team Griffin Team Griffin win @ 4/23

18th October - Cloud 9 vs G2 Esports G2 win @ 1/4

18th October - Hong Kong Attitude vs Cloud 9 C9 win @ 20/57

18th October - G2 Esports vs Team Griffin G2 win @ 20/41

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Week 1

Group A Betting

13th October - C9 vs Hong Kong Attitude - [C9 win @ 5/12]

13th October - Team Griffin vs G2 Esports [G2 win @ 20/31]

14th October - G2 Esports vs Cloud 9 - [G2 win @ 5/18]

14th October - Team Griffin vs Hong Kong Attitude [Hong Kong Attitude win @ 15/4]

15th October - Hong Kong Attitude vs G2 ESports [G2 win @ 1/9]

15th October - Cloud 9 vs Team Griffin [Cloud 9 win @ 23/10]

Group B Betting

12th October - JTeam vs FunPlus Phoenix [J Team win @ 21/4]

12th October - GAM Esports vs Splyce [ Splyce win @ 10/19]

14th October - FunPlus Phoenix vs Splyce - [FunPlus Phoenix win @ 1/4]

15th October - Splyce vs J Team - [Splyce win @ 5/8]

Group C Betting

12th October - SK Telecom T1 vs Fnatic [SKT T1 win @ 4/9]

12th October - RNG vs Clutch Gaming [RNG win @ 4/9]

13th October - SK Telecom T1 vs RNG [SKT T1 win @ 6/4]

13th October - Fnatic vs Clutch Gaming [Fnatic win @ 5/12]

15th October - RNG vs Fnatic [Fnatic win @ 11/10]

15th October - Clutch Gaming vs SK Telecom T1 [SKT win @ 1/5]

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Group D Betting

12th October - Invictus Gaming vs ahq e-Sports Club [ahq e-Sports Club win @ 4/1]

12th October - DAMWON Gaming vs Team Liquid [Team Liquid win @ 7/5]

13th October - ahq e-Sports Club vs DAMWON Gaming [DAMWON win @ 4/21]

14th October - Invictus Gaming vs DAMWON Gaming - [Invictus win @ 20/29]

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League of Legends World Championship Group Previews

Group A Preview

The top spot in the first group in the League of Legends World Championships isn’t very hard to call. If you look at competitive form across the whole of 2019, then G2 E-Sports are easily ranked as the best team in the world. Winners of the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) back in the summer, they’ve dominated the LEC comfortably, winning both the Spring and Summer Split, and it would come as a shock if they didn’t at least make it past the Group Stages in Berlin.

Cloud 9 (C9) finished the LCS Summer Split in second position behind Team Liquid (TL) and cemented their place at Worlds thanks to the number of circuit points they’d received by winning games throughout the season. Losing the LCS final to TL, they’ll be looking to bounce back here.

It’s hard to see past G2 securing top spot here, especially if Caps, Perkz and Jankos have a strong start to the tournament, so with that in mind, it looks as though second place is up for grabs in this group and considering their previous form on the Worlds stage, we’re leaning more towards C9.

** Group A Top Two Prediction** G2 Esports & C9

Group A Standings

| Team Name | Home Region | League | Standings | |:------------- |:-------------:||:-------------:||:-------------:| | G2 Esports | Europe | LEC | 5W - 2L | | Cloud 9 | USA | LCS | 2W - 4L | | Hong Kong Attitude| Hong Kong | LMS | 0W - 6L |

Group B Preview

Stalwarts of the eSports world will be familiar with GAM Esports, who in their previous form as Gigabyte Marines were a firm fixture at Worlds tournaments. Qualifying for the 2019 renewal thanks to a top spot finish in the regular season and playoffs win, they’ll come up against FunPlus Phoenix the winners of the LPL Summer Split, who saw off the RNG in both the league and the summer playoffs, and J Team. The final seed in this group is taken by European contenders Splyce following their play-ins win over Unicorns of Love and in our opinion, it’s certainly one of the toughest groups to call as we head to Berlin.

Group B Top Two Prediction FunPlus Phoenix & Splyce

Group B Standings

| Team Name | Home Region | League | Standings | |:------------- |:-------------:||:-------------:||:-------------:| | FunPlus Phoenix | China | LPL | 5W- 2L | | Splyce | Europe | LCK | 4W - 3L | | J Team | Taiwan | LMS | 3W - 3L | | GAM Esports | Vietnam | VCS | 1W - 5L |

Group C Preview

Probably the hardest group to call at 2019 League of Legend World Championships, with SKT, Fnatic and RNG all key players, it’ll be hard to see who will lose out on a spot further into the competition. SKT bounced back from a poor season in the LCK to secure their place at the World Championships through playoffs, finding their form at what seems to be the right time, so we expect fireworks in their first group stage game.

On the other hand, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Fnatic to secure their places at Worlds. The defeated 2018 finalists came up against an unstoppable G2 in the LEC Summer Split finals, where they were beaten in a 3-2 reverse-sweep not once, but twice. Bouncing back in regional qualifiers, where they saw off Splyce, the team is no stranger to Worlds and will be looking to go one better than last year, especially on home soil.

Clutch Gaming and Royal Never Give Up (RNG) could be up against it here, if both SKT and Fnatic get the bit between their teeth. But with Uzi potentially looking to carry RNG to victory from the ADC position, then be prepared for some fireworks as this group gets underway.

Group C Top Two Prediction SKT & Fnatic

** Group C Standings**

| Team Name | Home Region | League | Standings | |:------------- |:-------------:||:-------------:||:-------------:| | SK telecom T1 | South Korea | LCK | 5W - 1L | | Fnatic | Europe | LEC | 4W - 2L | | Royal Never Give Up | China | LPL | 3W - 3L | | Clutch Gaming | USA | LCS | 0W - 6L |

Group D Preview

Team Liquid were the team to beat in the NA LCS this season. Runners up at MSI behind G2, they’ve continued their dominant form, beating C9 to secure their place at Worlds in the summer playoffs. They’ll be up against the World Champions from 2018 in the group stages, but with the tournament in Europe and the rivalry between the LEC and LCS well documented, they’ll be looking to show their dominance ahead of European opposition.

Ahq e-Sports club qualified for Worlds with the most championship points in the LMS, and they look as though they could have the edge to make it through the BO5 stages of the competition. It’s a hard one to call, but we could be seeing a Worlds quarter-final without any LPL teams.

Group D Prediction Team Liquid & ahq e-Sports Club

Group D Standings

| Team Name | Home Region | League | Standings | |:------------- |:-------------:||:-------------:||:-------------:| | DAMWON Gaming | South Korea | LCK | 5W - 1L | | Team Liquid | North America | LCS | 3W - 3L | | ahq e-Sports Club | Taiwan | LMS | 0W - 6L |

How the Tournament Works

If you’re new to the League of Legends World Championships, then you’ll be looking for some indication of how the tournament works, the rankings and the round-robin games, before you take a look at the eSports betting markets we have to offer.

The main event kicks off with the Group Stages on 12th October. These best-of-one games follow a week of tournament play-ins, where the final team for each group is decided, before we get down to business. Following the conclusion of two weeks of play, the top two teams from each group will progress to the next stage of the competition, where they’ll face a team from another group in a best-of-five elimination series. The winner will then progress until only two teams remain to battle it out for the chance to be named world champions.

League of Legends World Championship Locations

The 2019 Worlds head back to Europe, but we’re not just parking the bus in one city. The first Group Stage of the tournament will be held in Berlin, before all of the teams who’ve made it through to the quarter-finals in Madrid will go head-to-head for a place in the semi-finals. It’s then a short trip to Paris for the top two teams who’ll battle it out to become world champions on 10th November.

Where Can I Watch the League of Legends World Championships?

Fire up for PC, smartphone or smart tv and head over to Lol Esports website where Riot will be providing a live stream of every game held at the tournament. You can also watch games through Youtube and Twitch.

League of Legends Guide for Beginners

If you’re still a bit stumped when it comes to gameplay in League of Legends, we’ve put together a quick run through on how a team actually wins a game. Before entering Summoners Rift, both teams will select five champions during a pick and ban stage to play in different positions across the map, top lane, jungle, mid laner, ADC and support.

When these have been chosen, players will then be loaded onto the map to destroy the other team’s ‘Nexus’, the stone structure that is housed within their base. As the game starts, players will go off into their lanes and beginning battling against opposing champions and minions (in-game ads controlled by the AI) as they attempt to knock down towers.

A team wins a game when they’ve successfully made it into the other team’s base and destroyed their Nexus.

During the game, you’ll also see teams attempting to take mutual objectives such as an elemental dragon, rift herald, or Baron, all of these will give them an advantage over their opponents.

League of Legends World Championships Games Schedule

Week 2

17th October

GAM Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix - 2pm

J Team vs Splyce - 3pm

GAM Esports vs J Team - 4pm

Splyce vs FunPlus Phoenix - 5pm

Splyce vs GAM Esports - 6pm

FunPlus Phoenix vs J Team - 7pm

18th October

G2 Esports vs Hong Kong Attitude - 3pm

Cloud9 vs G2 Esports - 5pm

Hong Kong Attitude vs Cloud9 - 6pm

19th October

RNG vs SKT T1 - 1pm

Clutch Gaming vs Fnatic - 2pm

SKT T1 vs Fnatic - 3pm

Clutch Gaming vs RNG - 4pm

SKT vs Clutch Gaming - 5pm

Fnatic vs RNG - 6pm

20th October

Team Liquid vs DAMWON Gaming - 2pm

Team Liquid vs ahq e-Sports Club - 4pm

DAMWON Gaming vs ahq e-Sports Club - 5pm

Week 1

12th October

Fnatic vs SKT T1 - 1pm

RNG vs Clutch Gaming - 2pm

DAMWON Gaming vs Team Liquid - 4pm

J Team vs Funplus Phoenix - 5pm

GAM Esports vs Splyce - 6pm

13th October

SKT T1 vs RNG - 1pm

Fnatic vs Clutch Gaming - 2pm

ahq e-Sports Club vs DAMWON Gaming - 4pm

Cloud 9 vs Hong Kong Attitude - 6pm

14th October

ahq e-Sports Club vs Team Liquid - 3pm

FunPlus Phoenix vs Splyce - 4pm

J Team vs Gam Esports - 5pm

G2 Esports vs Cloud9 - 7pm

15th October

RNG vs Fnatic - 2pm

Clutch Gaming vs SKT T1 - 3pm

FunPlus Phoenix vs GAM Esports - 4pm

Splyce vs J Team - 5pm

Hong Kong Attitude vs G2 Esports - 7pm

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