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NFL Gameweek 3 Predictions

NFL Gameweek 3 Predictions at Online Casino & Betting

As we enter week 3 of the 2019 season, the NFL food-chain starts to become a little more defined, and we can begin to paint a better picture of where the teams are beginning to lie in terms of strength and their potential to make the playoffs. Although these have become almost predictable within recent years, with the usual teams such as the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers all taking a stand as some of the strongest teams in the league year on year, the centenary season may prove to be a turning point for those who have struggled to pull up the rankings in the past.

Staying true to form, the Patriots, alongside the Packers and Cowboys, currently stand undefeated in week 3 following an immense 43-0 win over the Dolphins in Miami on Sunday (15th Sept). Teams like the Patriots standing on top of the league is almost a given in the NFL at this point. However, there have been some unlikely risers coming off the back of wins in week 2. The Cleveland Browns have clawed back some of the glory surrounding them during the preseason with a solid 23-3 win against the Jets at the weekend - but can they keep with this steady incline as the weeks progress?

Where will the 32 teams lie come the end of gameweek 3? Here are our early online betting predictions for the weekend ahead - will we at stand to be corrected after the plays have been made?

Game | Date & UK Time --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans | Fri 20/09 01:20 Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins | Sun 22/09 18:00 Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals | Sun 22/09 18:00 Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions | Sun 22/09 18:00 New England Patriots v New York Jets | Sun 22/09 18:00 Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons | Sun 22/09 18:00 Minnesota Vikings v Oakland Raiders | Sun 22/09 18:00 Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens | Sun 22/09 18:00 Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos | Sun 22/09 18:00 Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers | Sun 22/09 21:05 Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Giants | Sun 22/09 21:05 Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints | Sun 22/09 21:25 Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans | Sun 22/09 21:25 San Francisco 49ers v Pittsburgh Steelers | Sun 22/09 21:25 Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams | Mon 23/09 01:20 Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears | Tue 24/09 01:15

Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens

The Chiefs versus Ravens will be an exciting game to watch this week as they both hold two of the greatest Quarterbacks the league has to offer this year. When Baltimore lost 24 - 27 to Kansas at Arrowhead in week 14 last year, Chiefs QB Lamar Jackson recorded an impressive passer rating of 100.5 - landing as his second-best mark of the 2018 season. If Jackson can repeat that same score this weekend, it would be recorded as his third-best mark in three games. This season Baltimore’s offence is strong, especially with Lamar Jackson, but the problem the team as a whole faces with this game is Patrick Mahomes and the league-wide inability to slow him down.

There’s no doubt that Mahomes is one of the strongest Quarterbacks in the NFL to date, striking fear into the hearts of any defensive team who opposes him. In 2018, he became the second player in NFL history to throw for over 5,000 yards and complete 50 touchdowns, earning himself the title of MVP very early on in his career. Patrick Mahomes is fast and agile, and this poses a problem for Baltimore as even with a top player like Lamar Jackson it’s unlikely they’ll be able to slow the Kansas offence while Mahomes is in play. However, it will be interesting to see what plays the Ravens make in an attempt to defeat the Chiefs at Arrowhead this coming Sunday.

Baltimore Ravens Over 54 (10/11)

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints

The Seahawks are always one to watch during the NFL regular season as they’re great at providing an entertaining game regardless of whether they’re a shoo-in to win or not. It’s easy to expect that because Seattle were able to pull off a win against the Roethlisberger-less Steelers, they’re likely to fare well against the Saints now that Drew Brees is out of action. The chances are they might, with New Orleans allowing 27.5 points per game and the Seahawks offence being led by Russel Wilson - who has put down over 200 touchdowns for the Seahawks since 2012.

Injuries can always make an impact in the NFL, especially when the players who are injured are the cornerstones of the team. However, despite losing Quarterback Drew Brees during their week 2 game against the LA Rams, there’s a possibility the Saints will throw a curveball at Seattle by opting to play either Taysom Hill or Teddy Bridgewater in lieu of Brees. Both of these players have the potential to play exceedingly well for New Orleans , but will it be enough to combat the advantage the Seahawks have with a Wilson-led offence? Seattle Seahawks -4 (25/28)

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams

The Cleveland Browns clawed themselves back on the board with a win in week 2, but this weekend they’re playing against a much stronger team, and they’re unlikely to have a chance against the Rams if their defence doesn’t play better than they performed against the shorthanded New York Jets.

Los Angeles Rams have a squad of fantastic receivers, who pose the biggest issue for the Browns. At this point, it’s a question of whether or not Cleveland’s defensive end will be able to cover them and prevent them from getting the ball into the Endzone as effectively as they can. The LA defence is just getting warmed up, so the Browns need to be on top form if they want to stand any chance against the Rams in week 3.

Los Angeles Rams/Los Angeles Rams (1/1)

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