NFL Gameweek 5 Predictions

NFL Gameweek 5 Predictions 2019

It’s the Patriots, 49ers and the Chiefs that are currently undefeated, which is no surprise to most NFL fans. The Patriots defence has been outstanding, while on the west coast, Miami Dolphins have started their rebuilding season woefully. has a range of betting markets for the NFL. Some of our favourites include touchdown scorers, spread betting and a huge selection of player betting. We’ll explain some of the odds and betting markets further down as we pick out our top 3 games for this week and offer an accumulator.

NFL Gameweek 5 UK Schedule

But our heads turn to gameweek 5, which sees some interesting clashes, see the complete gameweek 5 lineup below:

Game | Date & UK Time --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- Rams v Seahawks | Fri 4/10 01:20 Jaguars v Panthers | Sun 06/10 18:00 Patriots v Redskins | Sun 06/10 18:00 Bills v Titans | Sun 06/10 18:00 Ravens v Steelers | Sun 06/10 18:00 Cardinals v Bengals | Sun 06/10 18:00 Falcons vs Texans | Sun 06/10 18:00 Buccaneers v Saints | Sun 06/10 18:00 Vikings v Giants | Sun 06/10 18:00 Bears v Raiders | Sun 06/10 18:00 Jets v Eagles | Sun 06/10 18:00 Broncos v Chargers | Sun 22/09 21:25 Packers v Cowboys | Sun 22/09 21:25 Colts v Chiefs | Sun 22/09 21:25 Browns v 49ers | Mon 23/09 01:20

Patriots vs Redskins

The 0-4 Redskins host the 4-0 Patriots where two polar opposite teams come up against each other. The Patriots have been a premier team for as long as we can remember, certainly over the last 2 decades, with the dream team of Brady and Belichick. The Redskins have been nothing but mediocre, and this game will see the Patriots show their stardom. We think this is to be a very one-sided game where Brady’s men will have their way with Washington. An efficient offence engineered by two of the greatest partnerships in NFL history comes up against a slack defence who are allowing a conversion rate of 87.2% on third down. Judging on what we have already seen this season this game isn’t going to be close. The Redskins have already lost to the Giants by 21 points, and the spread here is 15. The Redskins aren’t expected to compete against the Super Bowl favourites.

Patriots to Win By 19-24 points: 33/10

Bears vs Raiders

This weekend the NFL makes its annual advance across the pond to playout it’s UK fixtures in London, this time debuting in the new purpose-built Tottenham Stadium. Sunday’s London game will see the Chicago Bears face off against the Oakland Raiders, and we think it’s definitely a game worth watching.

Despite this being their only game following their London debut in 2011, the Chicago Bears ultimately stand undefeated in the UK series. Whereas this Raiders have played 4 games since 2014, their first against Miami, and emerged victorious in only one against the Texans back in 2016. Current NFL standings also show the Bears to be ahead of Oakland for the 2019 season, with Chicago achieving one more game win prior to their week 5 fixture - it will be interesting to see how these two ‘middle of the road’ teams will fair during the NFL International Series, but we expect the Bears to come out on top.

Another aspect of this game which is likely to push Chicago further towards the win is the fact they now have the Raiders former linebacker, Khalil Mack, in their player arsenal. Mack playing against the team that traded him may push him to be more bloodthirsty than usual, which can only bode positive results for the Bears. However, it will be curious to see whether the Chicago offence will perform better or worse with Chase Daniels at the helm over a recovering Trubisky. Either way, it’s easy to suggest that the Bears are a shoo-in for the win in the first game of the International Series.

Chicago Bears/Chicago Bears: 1/1

Browns vs 49ers

Our final game under the spotlight is Browns vs 49ers, most of you will have seen the Browns pick up some high profile players like Odell Beckham, and newsworthy QB Baker Mayfield who is expected to stand out this season for all the right reasons. 49ers have Garoppolo who is also primed to blossom this season. He’s a unique passer and learned from the best, Tom Brady. The Browns pounded the Ravens last week, with running back Nick Chubb showing for 165 yards and three touchdowns. There’s plenty to look forward to here as it’s set to be one of the most exciting games of the season - the Niners are all about running the ball whereas the Browns QB has struggled so far even though he has perhaps the most gifted WR in the game at his disposal. Despite the 49ers coming in as slight underdogs, we give them the win here as they should go 4-0. Why? Because Mayfield just hasn’t found his rhythm yet and the Niners are dramatically underrated.

49ers to Win: 20/39 NFL Treble: 11/1 - £10 = £120

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