NFL Gameweek 7 Predictions

** Written 18th October 2019**

NFL Gameweek 7 Predictions

The centenary season of the NFL is just over a third of the way through, meaning each play made from this point on has the potential to hold some serious playoff implications - especially for the top teams in the divisions. So how will teams fare in week 7 of the 2019 season?

Game Date & UK Time
Greenbay Packers v Oakland Raiders Sun 20/10 18:00
Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Sun 20/10 18:00
Washington Redskins v San Francisco 49ers Sun 20/10 18:00
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Sun 20/10 18:00
Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Sun 20/10 18:00
Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars Sun 20/10 18:00
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals Sun 20/10 18:00
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Sun 20/10 18:00
Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers Sun 20/10 21:05
Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens Sun 20/10 21:25
Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints Sun 20/10 21:25
Dallas Cowboys v Philidelphia Eagles Mon 21/10 01:20
New York Jets v New England Patriots Mon 21/10 01:15

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts

The top two teams to come out of the AFC South this season go head to head in Indianapolis this weekend. But if the Texans follow the pattern they’ve set in previous seasons, it could be the Colts who end up taking the win, as this is usually the point in the season where Houston slip up. Coming fresh from knocking the Kansas City Chiefs off and scoring 84 points in two weeks, Bill O’Brien’s Texans are presented with a top chance to secure their authority over AFC South if they can achieve a road win over Indianapolis at Lucas Oil this Sunday.

The Colts are coming back into the season healthier after a bye week break, and they arguably stand as a perfect test for any opponent at the moment, especially Houston. Frank Reich’s Colt’s will enter this game well-coached and with reliable effort, making the Texans work for this win. However, the disparity in talent across these two teams suggests that the Texans’ best roster should be stronger than that of the Colts. Perhaps this is the week Houston breaks their unfortunate seasonal tradition and secure a win this week.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys

As it stands, neither of these 3-3 teams are in trouble - yet. But, unfortunately for whichever team fall short in Sunday nights game, this is likely to change Both the Eagles and the Cowboys have been derailed by injuries occurring early on in the season, so player availability for both teams is likely to have an impact what could turn out to be such an important game - and considering the unlikelihood of a Wild Card team being picked from this division, neither team can afford to lose out on this win.

For Dallas to hold their ground against an ungenerous Philadelphia defence, with or without Amari Cooper and/or Randall Cobb, the Cowboys, especially Jason Garrett, must be willing and unhesitant to employ Dak Prescott as a passer should Ezekiel Elliott go down early and often.

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks

If not for the major implications the Cowboys vs Eagles game holds, this match-up would be a serious contender for the title of ‘Game of the Week’, boasting an exciting clash between two quarterbacks of top MVP-calibre. Neither team is great defensively, especially against the pass, so the team who has the stronger ability to hide its weaknesses on the field will have the edge in this game. However, the Jackson and Ingram lead Ravens stand better equipped to keep the ball moving in their favour with an attack balanced enough to offset the prowess of Russel Wilson.

Hit The Target Treble: Cowboys, Colts and Seahawks To Win

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