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Are you a big fan of the NBA Basketball League and ready to start betting? offers odds on all of the hottest NBA action. If you know your slam dunks from your Alley-Oops you're in the right place. Basketball is a fast, energetic sport, as the momentum shifts at a rapid pace you can be ready to place your bet using our Live In-Play Betting Market to place your bets mid-game.

Help to Bet on NBA is committed to providing its players with the best odds, tips, and betting markets on NBA basketball. Whether you’re new to NBA betting and come from a casino background, or you have plenty of experience but looking for something new, has you covered with our comprehensive weekly guide to the best NBA betting tips. Or alternatively, if you're looking for tips across a number of sports, we recommend checking out our sports betting tips blogs for all our predictions across a number of sports.

The Best NBA Betting Markets in the UK provides betting odds on every single NBA game of the season. That’s a whopping 1,230 games, and that’s before we even get into the play-offs. With so much going on and with the NBA gaining a wider audience in the UK, 21 is certainly the place to be to get everything you need if you’re looking to place a bet online/

There are three main types of bet that 21 players can place on NBA games, with the first being a standard MoneyLine bet. This is essentially choosing the team that you think will win, although with big teams such as the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors this can often have a low yield.

The second main betting option for NBA games on 21, is the Under/Over bet. Those that are familiar with Football Betting will know all about this type of bet, as it essentially predicts the number of points that will be accumulated collectively between both teams during a game. Again, with bigger teams, the threshold can often be much higher than with smaller teams.

Finally, the Spread bet determines how wide you think the points margin between two teams will be. As with the other forms of betting, there are certain instances where the odds will be lower, such as if a big team is up against one of the smaller teams, who they are expected to beat convincingly.

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