F1 Betting at 21.co.uk

21.co.uk has a number of F1 betting markets available each race weekend across all days of the event. The 2019 season is shaping up to be an internal team battle for the World Drivers Championship at Mercedes. As defending champion, Lewis Hamilton will be driving his seventh consecutive year at the Silver Arrows and is aiming to achieve his sixth world title. Valterri Bottas will be looking to provide a more consistent challenge to his teammate and is aiming to win his maiden title. Meanwhile, away from the championship battle, Sebastian Vettel will be looking to bounce back in 2019 following an error-strewn year. He faces strong competition from within his team in the form of relatively unknown Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc who lines up in the other Ferrari this year. Max Verstappen looks to be the only other consistent podium challenger with Red Bull.

21.co.uk’s Formula 1 Betting Markets

The main market in F1, and arguably any sport, is the winner. Here at 21.co.uk we go above and beyond to provide the best variety of markets by not just focusing on the winner but by also offering the option of going each-way for the podium places at one fifth of the winner odds. You can also start betting early on a race weekend with Practice 1 Winner available on the Friday or Fastest Qualifier available on Saturday before the main event on Sunday. The option to back a team or a driver is available. If you think they will have a poor race you can even bet on them to retire first. Aside from race weekend markets, you can also bet on the outright winners of the championships.

F1 Betting Strategy and Tips

The most important factor in any race is the car. Even the best driver in the world will find it nearly impossible to win if their car isn’t a front runner. This means that barring a chaotic race, such as Baku 2017, the only teams who are likely to fill the podium are Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. Due to the narrow operating window of the tyres, the weather can have a big impact on which car is the best. The track is also important. The best car in Monaco hasn’t been the championship winner for a number of years now and is likely to be different to the best car on the long straights of Monza. Form is also a big factor with Hamilton building a reputation in recent years for going on runs of form that bring successive wins. For our take on the strategy to use in any given race weekend you could try our F1 betting tips.

The Biggest F1 Events

The biggest F1 event on the calendar is arguably the Monaco GP which is considered by some as the ‘Jewel In The Calendar’, it is arguably the biggest test of driver skill during the season with the barriers always in close proximity. It also forms part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport and is the race most drivers would choose to win if given the choice. It has had its critics in recent years for the lack of overtaking but qualifying has extra significance. Other highlights include the British GP at Silverstone - which hosted the very first F1 race - Belgian GP and Italian GP. All these tracks have the characteristics needed for great racing, have a wealth of history and bring passionate supporters out in their thousands.

F1 Betting Glossary

Newcomers might find some of the Formula 1 markets hard to understand.

Race Fastest Lap - This is which driver gets the fastest lap during the race. This is not influenced by qualifying laps in anyway - even if faster times are set during this part of the weekend.

Race Winning Margin - This is the amount of time between the car that wins the race and the car in second place. This is taken from the official classification and can be influenced by time penalties which means that official margin may vary from that on the track.

First Team to Retire [Dead Heat rules apply] - This is the first team to have a car retire from the given race. Dead heat rules apply which means that if another team retires at the same time as your selection then you only receive part of you winnings - the number of teams involved in the dead heat determines the value of your winnings.

Betting at 21.co.uk

F1 is just one of the many betting markets available here at 21.co.uk. We have various markets across motorsport including Indycar betting, Nascar betting and Moto GP betting. We also have other high octane sports such as NFL betting and if you prefer to bet on humans steering animals - rather than cars - then we have horse racing betting. Our list of casino games - including games such as Online Roulette and Online Blackjack - or live casino provide another option if required. In addition, our commitment to safer gambling means we have various tools that can help you stay in control.

When it comes down to the biggest events in 2020, most events take place during the F1 season, which means that we have a fantastic stream of sports action throughout the year. As well as our F1 Betting Tips, be sure to check out our Cheltenham Tips and our Euro 2021 tips.