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The snooker calendar consists of multiple events in a range of countries. The majority of the tour takes place in the UK and the majority of players are also from there - including all time greats such as Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins. The Triple Crown - consisting of the UK Open, the Masters and the World Championship - takes place exclusively in England and these are the three major events that all the players target at the start of the year. Outside of Britain, while the tour also visits other European countries such as Germany and Latvia, the sport has seen its popularity sky rocket in China. The tour visits the country six times throughout the year and its popularity has been bolstered by the emergence of a raft of Chinese players including Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo. Wherever a player is from, they all start the season aiming to be crowned World Champion when the season ends at the Crucible in Sheffield. If you're looking for some betting tips on the Snooker, check out the blog page for all our sports betting tips.’s Snooker Betting Markets

The main market when online betting on any sport - and snooker betting is no different - is the winner market. Whether that be the winner of a match or the outright winner of the whole tournament you can find it right here at’s online casino. You can bet on Frame 1 outcomes in advance of the match if you’re looking for your bet to be settled early. The first colour of the frame, a foul taking place in the frame or even which player will pot the first ball are all available. You can also bet on the exact score of the match with long odds generally available if you think a player will get whitewashed. The number of frames being even or odd in a match is also an option.

Snooker Betting Strategy and Tips

When it comes to snooker betting there are a variety of factors to consider when placing a bet. The first thing to check is recent form. Players tend to go through phases in a season where they are in good form and reach the later stages of tournaments consistently and vice versa. While the world rankings can be a good indicative factor, the weighting towards prize money - which means a good World Championship performance is heavily favoured - combined with the fact that they are based on two years worth of tournaments mean that they may not necessarily provide an accurate representation of a players chances in the current tournament. The other major factors to consider are the tournament structure and the draw. If a tournament consists of matches with a smaller number of frames it makes the chances of an upset more likely. A shorter format can also favour certain players more with O’Sullivan tending to perform much better in The Masters and UK Open than the World Championship in recent years. A favourable draw can improve a player’s chances of winning the tournament outright so should also be considered.

Snooker Betting Glossary

For those who are new to snooker betting we’ve defined some of the markets right here.

Race To 3 Frames - This is the market where you bet on which player you think will get to three frames first in the match. This means that they could either be 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 up at the point at which this bet would be settled.

Highest Break in Match - This is where you bet on the player you think will score the highest break in the match. Given the current standard, you would expect the highest break to be well over 100 in any match.

Frames Odd/Even - This is the number of frames required for a match to be completed. For example, if the score is 7-3 then 10 frames are required so the number of frames would be even whereas a 7-4 scoreline would be 11 frames combined and so odd would be the winning bet.

Pool Betting

Not a fan of the marathon matches of tactical frames that snooker generally provides? Then we also have pool betting available for those who prefer a more fast paced game on the cloth. Pool comes in various formats - from traditional English pool to the rapidly growing 9 ball pool. Perhaps the most noticeable player to be competitive at world level in both snooker and pool is Mark Selby. The Jester from Leicester has won the World Snooker Championship three times and the eight ball pool World Championship in 2006. The most successful player in eight ball is arguably Mick Hill, who has won the championship six times.

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Snooker and Pool are just the tip of the betting markets available here at football betting and horse racing betting are just some of the other markets we offer. If you’re looking for some real life action, and they’re not currently live, then you could always consider our live casino which forms part of our collection of casino games. Online roulette and online blackjack are just some of the popular classics that can be found there.

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