Politics Betting at 21.co.uk

Various political betting markets are available across the year at 21.co.uk depending on the landscape at the time. In the UK, uncertainty over Brexit means that the possibility of a General Election is increasing and so is the likelihood of new party leaders in anticipation of the fallout from that election or Brexit itself. Across the pond, focus is on the upcoming US Presidential election in 2020 with Donald Trump likely to be seeking re election after his narrow victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. His opponent is yet to be decided and the contest is looking likely to be close regardless of who is contesting it. If you're looking for some tips on politics, be sure to keep an eye out for our sports betting tips blogs which will contain our opinions on the world of politics.

21.co.uk’s Politics Betting Markets

There are a wide range of political betting markets available at 21.co.uk. General Election betting is the main market we offer with the ability to bet on the year of the next election, who will win the most seats and if anyone will win an overall majority. You can also bet on the next Labour leader with multiple candidates vying to succeed Jeremy Corbyn when the position becomes available. US Presidential 2020 betting markets are also available ranging from the outright winner to who the candidate for each party will be. You can even bet on the winning party if you’re confident on which way the contest will go regardless of the candidate.

Politics Betting Strategy and Tips

Finding a consistently successful online betting strategy for politics betting is difficult. The main source of information is polling which is carried out by multiple companies but even this has been known to be wrong in the past. No poll predicted the slender majority David Cameron achieved in 2015 and polling predicted it would be Clinton, not Trump, who would become president. Perhaps the biggest shock in recent times was when the UK voted to leave the European Union even though polling suggested it would be a clear victory for remain. So while the polls can be used as a guide it’s also worth considering some noticeable trends on polling day. The more right wing party generally performs better on the day than polls suggest which is known as the “Shy Tory” effect. There is also usually a swing towards the status quo as people vote for what they know, meaning the incumbent party will generally perform better than polling suggests. Finally, there is no substitute for knowledge so reading political commentary should help you make a more informed decision.

Politics Betting Glossary

Punters who are not used to betting on politics betting odds might find that some of the markets are hard to understand.

Year of the Next UK General Election - This market is where you bet on when the next nationwide election to determine the countries MPs will take place. This not when the election is called, it is when it actually happens.

Next UK General Election - Most Seats - This is where you bet on which party will have the most seats in Parliament after the next General Election. This doesn’t necessarily mean that party will have a majority, or indeed form a government. At the last General Election the Conservatives won the most seats but fell short of a majority - requiring a pact with the DUP to form a government.

Next UK General Election - Overall Majority - This is where you bet on which party, if any, you think will win a majority after the election. As there are currently 650 seats, 326 seats are required for a majority assuming all MPs take their seats.

Specials Betting

While politics forms the majority of our specials betting we also have many other markets available throughout the year. BBC Sports Personality betting always attracts considerable interest with a range of stars from across the sporting spectrum competing for what many consider to be a prestigious prize. Past winners include Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton and Mo Farah. Even royalty have won it with Zara Phillips following in her mother’s footsteps in 2006. There are also various music awards betting markets available, such as the market for who will win the Mercury Music Prize - which is awarded to the best UK or Irish album of the year. Wolf Alice won it in 2018 with their second studio album Visions of Life.

Betting at 21.co.uk

Specials betting is just a taste of the best online casino betting markets we have at 21.co.uk. While you can bet on Sports Personality right here, you can also bet on the sports stars themselves throughout the year. So if you are inspired by Harry Kane’s scoring exploits then our football betting markets may interest you. We also have horse racing betting available with previous BBC Sports Personality winners including the recently retired AP McCoy. If sports aren’t for you then you should consider our list of casino games with classic games such as online blackjack and online roulette or if you prefer a more real life experience then our live casino is also available. Whilst playing these games we have a range of safer gambling tools should you need them.

If you're taking a look at our specials you may find a lot of events or you might find very little. Depending on what is going on in the world at that time, if you haven't found something that interests you, why not check out our Cheltenham festival 2021 Tips for all the latest news before the biggest event in Horse Racing. Once we've finished our coverage on the event, we'll be moving straight onto our Euro 2021 Tips which will include guides, tips and predictions for the tournament.