Speedway Betting

When it comes to uk betting on people riding things for sport, nothing is as popular as horse racing betting. But if you’re looking for drama - speedway betting is right up there. Usually featuring four riders, competitors race around an oval track in a variety of different points-scoring formats depending on the competition. The bikes used feature only one gear and no brakes, with the onus on the rider’s ability to shift their body weight accordingly in order to maintain high speeds around the bends. The sport isn’t without danger. From the crushed rock found in Australia to the dirt tracks synonymous with the UK - the surface of the track means that any fall can cause serious injury. Balancing the risk of falling with the reward of maintaining high speeds is the key to victory. Although Speedway isn't the most covered sport when it comes to tips, you can find our top tips on our online sports betting tips page for the main event of Speedway

The Biggest Speedway Events

It might not be as big as the World Cup in football betting but the Speedway of Nations still attracts the fans in their thousands and is widely considered to be one of the top events on the calendar. Countries compete against each other with two riders each in a round robin format which culminates in a grand final to decide the champion. While that is the main prize available for a country, for an individual, being crowned the Speedway World Champion is considered the top honour and is awarded for winning the Speedway Grand Prix - a series of stand-alone speedway events. You can find speedway betting odds on the outright winner on our sportsbook. This is similar to the format for World Champion that can be found in F1 betting. Swedish rider Tony Rickardsson is the most successful speedway rider as of 2019 - racking up six gold medals and a further five podiums.

Speedway Premier League

At a domestic level the Speedway Great Britain (SGB) Premiership is the highest level of competition in the sport. Eight teams compete on a round robin basis, playing each other home and away twice, in order to determine a top four who advance to the playoffs. At this stage of the competition it is a straight knockout format with a home and away leg and the total aggregate score from both legs determines the winner. In terms of geography, there is quite an even spread of teams from the Poole Pirates on the south coast to the Belle Vue Aces in Manchester.

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Speedway is just one of the markets available at 21.co.uk. NFL betting is another sports betting market we offer with a high chance of competitors getting injured. The New England Patriots have dominated the sport in recent years but with the emergence of Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs will be hoping to end their dominance of the AFC conference. In the NFC, the LA Rams will be hoping their Super Bowl LIII appearance won’t be their last while the Saints will want to go further than their 2018-19 Conference Championship loss. If you’re unsure who to back, our NFL betting tips could point you in the right direction. We also have a range of betting tips for various other sports such as football betting tips and horse racing betting tips.

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