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21.co.uk strives to put you right in the centre of the action, and with MMA betting it is no different. You can bet on a huge variety of MMA bouts across the world in Bellator and of course, the UFC. Whether it’s a McGregor fight on the main card or an up-and-coming superstar in Bellator. We'll be covering all the top MMA fights on 21, so be sure to check out our sports betting tips blog pages for all our predictions.

UFC Betting at 21.co.uk

With the huge growth and popularity of the UFC, it is imperative for the promotion to create the biggest fights they possibly can. It is with these huge fights and championship bouts that you can expect the most markets to place a UFC bet on right here at 21.co.uk. It is with these fights that you can bet on specific factors within the bouts such as the exact method of victory in the exact round, or whether the fight will go the distance or not. This will definitely appeal to the more experienced bettors who have a good understanding of MMA and can bet on UFC events with confidence. These markets are also better for those who want the best value for their UFC bets.

History of the UFC

November 12th, 1993. 7,800 people gathered in a packed McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado. What they witnessed that night, along with an extra 86,000 watching from home, was the very first Ultimate Fighting Championship event - UFC 1.

The event used an 8 man tournament format, with the bouts having no weight classes, time-outs or even judges. Indeed, the fights were only won by way of knockout, submission, decision or a towel being thrown. The perceived barbarity of the events was reinforced with the only rules being no biting or eye gouging. The winner of the event was the great Royce Gracie, the 7th-degree black belt who is now considered one of the most influential figures in MMA. Gracie went on to win UFC 2 and 4 as well as cement his legacy as one of the greatest mixed martial artists who ever fought.

Fast forward 25 years and the UFC is now the most dominant MMA promotion in the world, with enhanced rules and much better reception from critics and governing bodies. In 2016, UFC’s parent company (Zuffa) was sold to WME for no less than $4.2 billion, with the promotion bringing in total revenues of over $600 million the previous year. The promotion still continues to grow as a powerhouse within the sports industry, leading to a huge popularity of mixed martial arts.

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