Black Friday Online Casino Deals

Black Friday Online Casino Deals

There’s Three Types of People on Black Friday…

Black Friday. Just hearing the phrase can be enough to fill you with dread. The crowds, the jostling, the shouting, the running. Your local shopping centre can quickly turn into the setting of an epic battle, five people refusing to let go of one TV, despite there being ten left on the shelf. The world seems to descend into madness the second those prices are cut. Look around you and you’ll begin to identify the different types of Black Friday shoppers… But which one are you?

The Pig Wizard Slot Game

The Pig Wizard is for the more savvy shoppers out there, who prefer to avoid the chaos and enjoy the Black Friday deals from the comfort of their own home. have the best deal of all with a brand new promotion especially for Black Friday. Snap up this offer while you still can and you could see your balance rise. Navigate your way through the Magical Map Bonus and you may find yourself on route to the Progressive Jackpot.

Money Mad Martians Slot Game

These people want discounts and they want them all. As soon as those prices are slashed and they see the pound signs, it’s as if they’re on another planet. You’ll just be able to make out the top of their head behind a pile of stuff, so much they can barely carry it yet still they’re determined to succeed on their mission to save money. Others will steer a trolley round the aisles with determination, picking items like they pick symbols in the Pick Me Bonus. They can’t wait to get their hands on the three bonus rounds Money Mad Martians slot has to offer, as the thought of gaining some coins or extra prizes is enough to send them into a frenzy.

Time is Money Slot Game

Black Friday sales are serious business, and these guys are going to make sure they get all the best deals. They want to be in and out, no nonsense or messing around. They know what they want and probably have a list they made earlier on hand to make sure they get what they need in record time. Time is Money, and if they could take a trip in the time machine this slot is based on they would, if it meant the whole ordeal was over. Watch them storm down the aisles with stern determination, scoping out deals just as good as 250x your stake. These players are ready to beat the clock and get to the Free Spins bonus in the nick of time.

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