Casino International Roulette

Real, Live Roulette

You may have been playing at online gambling sites long enough to know that there are plenty of roulette options out there. But know this: Authentic Roulette live from the Casino International in Batumi is no computer simulation. This is real, live roulette coming to you by way of a live video/audio stream made possible by Authentic Gaming's revolutionary live gaming technology.

Authentic Roulette connects you with live, human croupiers working their roulette wheels in a genuine land-based casino setting. That's right, what you see on your screen is no studio game. You are seeing a genuine roulette table on the Casino International floor. And with the sound turned up on your computer or mobile device, you will hear all the action going on in the casino while you're playing. Now that is authentic.

How to Play Roulette Casino International

This game is presented to players with a combination of live audio/video and computer-generated graphics. The latter is that which allows you to participate. At the bottom of your screen you should see three sections. The section in the centre is a graphic representation of the betting table complete with inside bets, outside bets, and the racetrack normally associated with French roulette.

The section to the left shows statistics about the game – like hot and cold streaks. The section on the right is where you will find your virtual poker chips. You can move around these sections to control play from your end. On the other end, your croupier will manage the roulette wheel and betting table.

Play Roulette at Casino International From Anywhere

Authentic Live Roulette from Casino International is playable on both computers and mobile devices. If you are a member at, you should already be good to go. Just click on the link, connect to the live game, and you are off and running. Try clicking the 'full-screen' icon at the top right frame for an even better experience.

If you prefer mobile play, you will be pleased to know that Roulette Casino International has been optimised for mobile screens. You'll enjoy a crystal-clear picture and outstanding sound every time you play. Just note that the quality of play will be influenced by the strength of your mobile or internet connection.

The Best Online Roulette

From our perspective, Authentic Roulette from Casino International is live, online roulette the way it was meant to be. We hope you will check it out next time you get the urge to play roulette. In the meantime, we offer many more game titles for you to choose from. Feel free to browse our latest online slots along with our complete selection of live casino games.