Pixies of the Forest

The pixies of ancient legends are mischievous and playful creatures that love to have fun. You can see them dancing and playing in the Pixies of the Forest slot game, a game that features 99 opportunities to win on every single spin. 

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Game Information

Pixies of the Forest Slots™

The pixies of ancient legends are mischievous and playful creatures that love to have fun. You can see them dancing and playing in the Pixies of the Forest slot game, a game that features 99 opportunities to win on every single spin. Visit the Pixies for yourself – you might just win more than you could have ever imagined!

About Pixies of the Forest

Veteran players of video slot games love Pixies of the Forest thanks to its exciting 3-for-1 betting and tumbling reels. Beginners are quickly engaged by the beautiful graphics, stirring sounds, and winning opportunities. For both kinds of players, this 5-reel, 99-payline game offers the right combination of entertainment and winning potential. Pixies of the Forest is an excellent option for video slot gamers looking for something more than just a traditional slot game.


All 99 paylines are active for every spin in Pixies of the Forest. Therefore, beginning gameplay is a matter of setting the desired wager. A single coin is applied to three paylines, so the minimum line bet of one coin results in a total bet of 33 coins across 99 paylines. Using the + and - symbols to adjust line bets does not increase or decrease by increments of one. Rather, the most common line bets for video slot gaming are used.

Players can choose to spin manually or automatically once line bets have been established. Manual spinning is achieved by clicking the 'Spin' button at the centre of the screen. Automatic spinning can be instigated by clicking the 'Auto Spin' button to the right. Automatic spinning will continue until the desired number of spins have been completed, the Free Spins bonus has been triggered, the player has insufficient coins to continue betting, or the 'Stop’ button is clicked.


A total of 99 paylines are active on every spin due to the game's Connected Lines feature. Connected Lines exist anywhere a symbol connects with an identical symbol on another reel on either side or at one of the corners. This means winning combinations can be achieved horizontally, diagonally, or in a line that combines both. Connected Lines significantly increase the chances of winning on every spin.


Rather than spinning as they do in the traditional slot game, the reels in Pixies of the Forest utilises symbols that fall from the top of the screen in a cascading motion. This feature adds additional opportunities to win on every spin.

Whenever a winning combination is achieved during a standard spin, the symbols in that combination disappear. New symbols fall from the top of the screen to fill in any empty spaces left by disappearing symbols. Any new winning combinations resulting from the falling symbols are calculated before those symbols disappear and generate a new round of tumbling. This process continues until no more winning combinations are achieved.

Tumbling Reels is the most exciting part of Pixies of the Forest. A single spin can generate a tremendous volume of winnings if the right combinations continue to fall over a long enough period of time.


Achieving three or more Bonus symbols during a standard spin triggers the Free Spins bonus round. The number of free spins awarded is determined by the player choosing a symbol at the start of the round. Anywhere from 5 to 11 free spins will be awarded; additional free spins cannot be triggered during bonus play.

Bonus symbols are not in play during the Free Spins round, but wild symbols are. When wild symbols appear on the first four reels to help complete winning combinations, winnings are multiplied. However, every winning combination must have at least one non-wild symbol in the far right position.

Winnings during the Free Spins bonus round are calculated using the same paylines and line bets as the spin that triggered the round. Once all free spins have been completed, the bonus round ends and the game returns to standard play.

Additional Information

Wild and Bonus symbols are subject to restrictions in Pixies of the Forest. During standard play, Bonus symbols can only appear on the first three reels while Wild symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. During the Free Spins bonus, Wild symbols can appear on the first four reels. There are no Bonus symbols in the Free Spins round.

Winning combinations must consist of at least three symbols originating from the first reel at the far left, even when Connected Lines are utilised to generate winnings. All Winnings from a single spin are added together and displayed in the 'Win' window to the right of the 'Spin' button. Players can also track how much money they have left by viewing the 'Balance' window on the lower right.

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Min. Bet


Max. Bet



93% - 94.9%

Bonus Round

Tumbling Reels