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Slingo Monopoly

About Monopoly Slingo

Here at, we love Monopoly casino games so we’re excited to induct Monopoly Slingo into our Best Online Casino Collection. Offering a fantastic combination of board game nostalgia and the extremely modern innovation brought to us by Slingo games, we think Monopoly Slingo will be a big hit with our players.

Pick your favourite playable piece and join Rich Uncle Pennybags as you roll the dice to take control of the board, landing on properties to claim them as your own and mark all of the corresponding cards off the grid - potentially forming those highly sought-after winning Slingos. In a brilliant twist from Slingo Originals, landing a single property could see you cross off up to 3 spaces on the Monopoly Slingo grid. For example, if you land on Oxford Street both Regent Street and Bond Street will be marked off the grid also. There are also several additional symbols that both Monopoly and Slingo fans may recognise, such as Jokers, Go, Free Parking, Got To Jail and Community Chests - all of which are in play to both help and hinder your progress to landing those potential wins.

How To Play Monopoly Slingo


As with all casino games, setting your stake is one of the most integral steps of setting up your gameplay. Keeping the budget you’ve set for Monopoly Slingo in mind, select a bet value from the Stake settings to place your wager - this will cover several rounds of gameplay, unlike slot machines where the wager is deducted on every spin.

Choose Profile

This step is a little different to most Slingo games. In Monopoly Slingo you are able to select a character or ‘profile’ at the start of the game, much like playing the original board game - the number of base games, extra rolls you’re able to purchase and the top payout of the game is all governed by the profile you choose.


Once your stake is set and you’re happy with your chosen profile you can go ahead and start the game. Hit the ‘Roll’ button to roll the dice and reveal how many moves your character will move around the board. Any properties or stations you land on will be purchased and all related properties will be marked off the Slingo grid.

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