Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 Reels

Wheel of Fortune: Ultra 5 Reels has 30 paylines across a 3x5 reel. The Wilds in this game come with their own feature for more ways to win big.

Wheel of Fortune: Ultra 5 Slot Buttons

Coin Value

The Coin Value shows you how much each coin will be worth, when it is placed on the next spin. Use the right (+) and left (-) buttons to increase and decrease your coin value.

Total Bet

The Total Bet window shows you how much will be staked in the next game round.


Once you've decided your Total Bet, press Spin to place the bet and start a game round.


After a winning spin, the total value you have won will be displayed in the Win window.


To keep an eye on how much you have left to play with, the Balance window shows you a live value of how much is left in your account.


Use the Autoplay feature to watch the reels spin themselves. Select a number of rounds, and the reels will spin automatically. To take control again, press the Autoplay button to stop the feature.

Wheel of Fortune: Ultra 5 Slot Multiplying Wilds

Wilds are a common feature in slots games, but Wheel Of Fortune: Ultra 5 Reels adds it's own twist to the classic feature. Each Wild will help to complete winning lines, but will also add a multiplier, between 2x-5x, to any win.

Wheel of Fortune: Ultra 5 Slot Scatter Wheels

To trigger the Scatter Wheel feature, you'll need to find 3 or more Scatter Wheel symbols on the reels. All the Scatter symbols on the reels will turn into Scatter Wheels , and will each start to spin. Each wheel will spin until it lands on a multiplier. The final multipliers on all wheels will be added together, and the final total will be applied to your stake.

Wheel of Fortune: Ultra 5 Slot Ultra Wheel

3 or more Bonus symbols on the reels will begin the Ultra Wheel Bonus Feature. This will cause 3 Bonus Reels to be spun, with each reel showing either a blank rel, a wheel symbol, or a wheel symbol with a multiplier.If the wheel lands on a wheel symbol, with or without a multiplier, these will both turn into new wheel, shown on a new screen. The new wheels will spin to reveal a final prize, which will end the feature, and your win will be awarded.