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Blaze Live Roulette


We are proud to bring you, Blaze Live Roulette, from Authentic Gaming. What started out as a completely automated online casino game early in 2018 has been transformed into a live casino game featuring trained presenters in a game show environment. You will never have experienced anything like Blaze Live Roulette before.

Playing Blaze Live Roulette

This revamped roulette game is clearly aimed at online gamblers who like a little bit of show with their roulette. You play via a live video and audio feed that connects you with Authentic Gaming's new Arena studio in Malta. Once connected, you have a full view of the entire studio complete with multiple camera angles and a huge video board in the background that allows you to see the roulette wheel in action.

Gameplay is facilitated by computer-generated graphics on the bottom of the screen. You use your mouse or finger to place chips on the betting table as you see fit. All the standard roulette bets apply. Note that you only have until the croupier closes bets to place and remove chips. Once bets are closed, the casino game begins.

Betting in Blaze Live Roulette

If you are familiar with roulette in general, you should have no trouble betting in Blaze Live Roulette. You can bet on single numbers, multiple numbers, dozens, odd or even, black or white, and so forth. There are more than 40 different options to work with.

Following each spin, all chips are cleared from the table win or lose. This is a bit different from other live roulette games that leave winning chips in place. At any rate, you can start all over with a new round of bets or repeat the bets you made on the previous spin. You can even clear the table completely if you place chips and change your mind. All the buttons you need are located on the right side of the screen.

Please understand that Blaze Live Roulette takes its name from the game's speed. You generally have less than a minute between spins to place your bets, so don't waste any time. The game has been designed to accomplish as many spins as possible in an hour.

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Winning in Blaze Live Roulette

You are already familiar with roulette, so you know how this works. Your goal is to try to correctly guess where the marble will land on each spin. Guess correctly and you win. The beauty of this game is that you are not limited to a single bet. You can place as many bets as you want, up to the table limit, just so long as you have chips to play with.

Your chances of winning at Blaze Live Roulette are no more or less than any other roulette game. You may have your own betting strategy and that's fine. The real draw of this game is that it combines live Roulette with a game show-style presentation.

Blaze Live Roulette by Authentic Gaming Review

Blaze Live Roulette is a high-quality live casino online roulette game that offers a land-based casino experience you wherever choose to play. Played in real-time with live dealers and players. The Roulette Arena is astonishingly well presented, with quality broadcasting quality to match, which makes the player feel like part of a game show. The user-interface is simple, opening the experience to roulette players old and new.

How To Play Online Roulette

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