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When it comes to playing casino games, you can’t beat a classic game of online roulette.

It’s a well known fact that roulette is a game of luck. There’s no way to determine where that ball will land, and so there’s always a risk that can be off putting to the more strategic players out there. But, there are a few strategies that have been developed to help you increase your winnings and keep the house edge as low as possible. Read our comprehensive guide to some of the most popular strategies if you're interested in finding out more.

Strategy 1: The Martingale System

The Martingale Strategy is perhaps the most popular roulette strategy in existence. It follows the process of doubling bets after a loss in a game with 50/50 odds. The idea behind the Martingale Strategy is that the first win compensates all previous losses, and leaves a small profit for the player.

This strategy may appeal to blackjack fans. It’s requires the player to use their intuition a little more than in a basic game. The Martingale Strategy is fairly simple in concept - bet on a single colour and keep doubling your bet until you win. The theory behind the strategy is this: if you keep doubling losing bets, as soon as you win, you’ll recover all of your previous losses.

However, there’s a couple of things to bear in mind before you start practising the Martingale Strategy. Firstly, nothing is ever guaranteed. Red could win 100 times in a row, then win 100 times more. Therefore doubling your bet every round until you win can be risky - there’s always a chance you never will. Secondly, the majority of tables have betting limits, and when you start doubling your bet with every round, you’re in danger of reaching that limit, or using all of your money before you have the chance to see the benefits. As with many strategies, you’ll need to play at a table with a low minimum bet and a high maximum bet. Online Roulette lets you stake between 1.00 and 1000.0, making it the perfect place to put some strategy into action. Starting with a big bet, then doubling each time, isn’t wise.

Take your seat at the table and place a single bet on red or black, odd or even, or high or low (1-18, 19-36). This gives you an even chance of winning, and if you do, you should bet the same amount again. If you lose, double your previous bet, then bet on the same colour or number. This strategy by no means guarantees success, but is designed to help improve the player’s odds.

Strategy 2: The Reverse Martingale System

As you’ve probably guessed, the Reverse Martingale Strategy is the opposite to the Martingale Strategy. Instead of increasing your bet when you lose, you’ll increase it when you win. The theory behind this strategy is that you’ll substantially increase your earnings on winning streaks, and limit your losses after a few unsuccessful rounds.

Strategy 3: The D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert strategy is considered to be slightly less risky than the Martingale and Reverse Martingale strategies. Instead of doubling your bet when you lose, you’ll instead only increase it by one. Like the Martingale strategies, the D’Alembert Strategy is an even chance betting system, so you could place your bet on a colour, odd or even, or high or low numbers. Place a small wager on one of these betting options to test out this strategy. The concept is simple - increase your bet by one after a loss, and decrease it by one after a win. If you have as many wins as you do losses, you’ll end up making a profit. This is when you should take your winnings and walk away from the table. If you’re on a winning streak, play until your wins are equal to your total number of losses.

Strategy 4: The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci strategy is among the more well-known of the roulette strategies out there. Developed by famous Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, also known as Fibonacci, this roulette strategy involves an interesting sequence of numbers. The sequence is as follows: 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55 - 89 - 144 - 233 - 377 - 610. The numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are generated by adding the last two digits together, and this applies to your betting strategy. The Fibonacci strategy requires adding the last two bets together. The advantage? You could potentially generate a profit by losing more games than you’ve won. However, before you place your chips on the table, bear in mind that is one of the strategies with the biggest disadvantage. The further you go down the sequence, the more money you lose.

To try out the Fibonacci strategy, start by placing a small bet on black or red, odd or even, or high or low. If you lose a round, make your way down the sequence. For example, if your first bet was £1 and you lose, bet £1 again in the next round. If you lose again, stake £2 in the round after that, as £1 + £1 = £2.

When you win a round, go back two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, and that will be your bet for the following round.

Strategy 5: The James Bond System

Penned by Ian Fleming, author of the famous James Bond series, the James Bond strategy will give you some insight into the secret service agent’s casino antics. However, to put this roulette strategy into action inside the casino online, you’re going to need around £200.

Unlike the previous strategies mentioned, the James Bond strategy requires you to make a column bet. Place £140 on high numbers, which are 19-36. Then, place £50 on numbers 13-18. Finally, place £10 on 0 for insurance. If luck isn’t on your side and the ball lands on a number between 1 and 12 on the wheel, things get interesting as you can combine two strategies together to try and make back your money. Employ the Martingale strategy and begin placing small bets on 50/50 odds.

However, if the ball lands on a number between 19 and 36, 13 and 18 or on 0, you’ve made a profit. The James Bond system is the strategy for the high rollers out there who like to place bigger bets. However, you could say you’re broadening your chances of winning by betting on a wider range of numbers on the board.

If you fancy giving the James Bond strategy a try, take a seat at the Live Roulette table, where live dealers will welcome you to the online casino floor for an authentic, Hollywood-style experience.

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So, which of these strategies should you try? If you’re a high roller who loves taking risks and raising the stakes, the James Bond system may appeal to you. For those who want to play it safe and try to lower the risk of losing, the D’Alembert system could be the way to go as you’re playing with small bets that only increase or decrease by 1 with each round.

Of course, no strategy is guaranteed to make you a profit. They can, however, make a game a little more interesting than simply placing a blind bet and hoping for the best. Roulette is a game with a fairly high house edge, and strategies give you a better chance of winning by essentially preventing the house edge from rising due to players placing random bets. Remember to gamble responsibly, and don’t bet more than you can afford.