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Constant bet roulette strategy

What is the constant bet roulette strategy?

If you haven’t already guessed from the name, the constant bet strategy is a method where players place the same bet time and time again. It is one of the most basic strategies that can be used at a roulette table and is popular with players who play casually and don’t want to think too far into strategies.

How to use the constant bet strategy

As this is such a simple strategy for roulette that many people may already use, you might be wondering how this is even a strategy. 

One of the ways this strategy is used is to increase the length of the game. Someone who is playing for entertainment purposes specifically might place small bets but receive very little in return. Placing smaller bets would turn the game of roulette into a low-volatility game with more rounds but fewer returns. 

On the other side of this, a player might place larger bets on the same option with the aim of achieving a higher payout. This would be a high-volatility roulette game with fewer rounds but higher possible returns. As the player is using larger bets, there is a good chance that they will lose more money.

Due to roulette coming down to complete chance, there is no sure choice over which use of the strategy is the best.

Positives of using the constant bet strategy

Due to its basic principles, this approach is one that can be used by all players. Someone that is new to the game of roulette can use the method to become familiar with the game, without needing to think too much about which bets to place.

As the bet size remains the same, constant bet can also be used by those who are looking to play roulette for entertainment purposes and increase the longevity of their game. Selecting a small bet amount and sticking with it can improve the length of a game when compared to a progressive approach that can use an entire bankroll fairly quickly.

Negatives of using the constant bet strategy

In terms of improving the chance of winning, the constant bet method is not the best. Maintaining the same bet for each round does not influence the outcome, which is why it is suitable for players who are simply looking to play the game.

Selecting a good bet type and amount can help to maximise winnings when following the strategy, but this does not necessarily improve the chances of winning as the outcome comes down to random chance.

Constant bet summary

Being one of the most basic strategies within the game of roulette, the constant bet approach is suited to all players. There is no complex thinking behind the strategy and it provides a simple way for the game to be played whilst players become familiar with the different bet types that are available.

The strategy does not have an influence on improving the chances of winning or minimising losses and it is typically used by casual players who are looking to extend the length of their game with lower bets.

Constant bet strategy FAQs

What is the most successful strategy?

Playing roulette whilst following any strategy does not guarantee you an outcome. The constant bet approach is very basic and doesn't necessarily improve a player's chances of winning.

One of the best roulette strategies in terms of popularity is the Martingale strategy. Once again, this can't guarantee an outcome, however, the method is simple to follow and aims to limit losses with winning bets recovering previous losses.

There is also the Reverse-Martingale betting strategy, which is more of a less aggressive system when compared to the original version.

What type of player is the constant bet strategy most suited for?

The constant bet system is most suited for players who are looking to play casually. This is due to the basic rules of the approach and the simplicity it adds to the game for new roulette players.

Can this strategy be used with online roulette?

Yes, the strategy can be used in all roulette games as the constant bet can be placed on any type of bet. The only requirement with the strategy is that players use the same bet throughout the game.

Which games of roulette can constant bet be used in?

The constant bet does not require you to select any specific bet types so the strategy can be used in all games of roulette.