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There’s nothing quite like the unmistakable sound of a small marble rattling around the outside edge of a wooden roulette wheel until it finally drops into a numbered pocket. This sound is instantly recognisable to those familiar with the popular roulette game.

At 21.co.uk, you can select from our wide range of online roulette games, including:

  • Live roulette
  • Virtual roulette games
  • Variations of the classic game

You'll find that the majority of online roulette games follow the same set of rules:

  1. You'll place your wagers by placing virtual chips on the number board or the racecourse. You are betting on where you think the marble will land as the roulette wheel slows down. You can place multiple bets for every spin, just as long as you have the chips to support them (never bet more than you can afford).
  2. Once you are satisfied with your bets, your croupier will spin the wheel, or you can press the relevant button to make the roulette spin in simulated online roulette games.
  3. You win if the marble lands on one of the pockets you wagered on. See, simple! The nice thing about roulette bets is that they are personalised to you, depending on your level of understanding and experience.

You can play roulette online at 21.co.uk, with both roulette table games and live games available.

Roulette Strategy Guides

Roulette is a game where hundreds of players have created their own strategies for a structured approach to playing. The most popular is the Martingale system, which attempts to use the balance of probability to compensate for losses and leave a small profit for players. Yet the fact of the matter is that nothing is guaranteed in roulette. You could lose 100 times in a row, and you could win 100 times in a row. Both are highly improbable but nowhere near impossible.

To learn about some of the top online roulette strategies, take a look at our roulette strategy blog and check out systems that you may have never heard of before. Our favourite comes from a man who has gotten younger as the years have gone by - James Bond.

All About Roulette Betting

Despite its simple rules, betting is what makes roulette such an interesting game. On the betting table, you’ll see a series of squares featuring numbers, colours, and text.

Some tables also have what is known as the ‘race track’ because of its shape. The racetrack is not necessary for gameplay, but it does make wagering more efficient for games in which it is used.

Bets are broken down into two main categories. Inside bets and outside bets.

Inside Bets:

  • Straight-up bets
  • Split bets
  • Line bets
  • Corner bets
  • Trio bets
  • Basket bets

Outside Bets:

  • Red or black
  • Odd or even
  • High or low
  • Column bets
  • Dozens

You control your own decisions by using computer-generated buttons. Place your bets by dragging chips onto the betting table, then click ‘Spin’ to set the wheel in motion.

One important note: in some online roulette games, all the bets you place on the table will remain intact for the next spin unless you click the ‘Clear’ button first. Make sure you read up on the game you’re playing and familiarise yourself with how the controls work so you don’t lose more money than you anticipated.

Our complete guide on roulette bets provides in-depth information on each of the bet types available so you know exactly what you’re betting on.

Types Of Roulette Games Available Online

Our online casino is broken up into two sections: our table games, which includes immersive computer-generated rooms with interactive game tables and usually a solo play experience, and live casino with real-life croupiers, and a chat section where you can play online roulette with other players.

The extensive range of roulette versions covers:

Some of the most popular variations of roulette available at 21.co.uk, include:

Live Roulette - Do you prefer the feel of a live roulette table in a casino? Then our Live Roulette is for you. Experience the concept of the table in your own home. This game really puts you in the hot seat, giving you a high-quality video of the casino floor.

Lightning Roulette - Makes up one of the most popular variations of roulette thanks to its lightning numbers and multiplier values.

Live Speed Roulette - Containing all the classical betting options and rules, this online version includes live-speed gameplay with less time spent between rounds.

Relax Roulette - Relax Roulette is exactly what it says, roulette by Relax Gaming. This immersive table game offers a realistic-looking roulette wheel and table for players to bet on using a range of stakes. Place your bet on numbers, colours, lines or odds and evens, and spin the wheel when ready.

Roulette Tips

If this hasn’t provided you with enough information to sate your curiosity about online roulette, then don’t worry; there’s still plenty to learn, and we’re here to provide the information you need. Our guide to online roulette will help you figure out the ins and outs of the roulette table. Or if you’re looking to learn some of the common roulette terminology, we’ve also got you covered.

Other Casino Games

If you’re interested in other casino games and want a bit of variety, why not try our online blackjack, where 21 is the aim of the game? We have a range of guides to help you play, including how to play blackjack and are blackjack side bets worth it?.


What are the best online roulette games to play?

Online roulette has developed over the years, with many variations appearing.

When it comes to live roulette, Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular options with the addition of Lucky Numbers. This adds boosted payouts to randomly selected numbers on the wheel, which can vary between 50x and 500x the bet.

If you're looking for virtual roulette games, Roulette X2 is one of the more unique options with the chance for players to land double their payout when they hit a win.

All the roulette games online at 21.co.uk are played using real money, which means any roulette betting options will require a wager based on the stake you select to use.

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