Online Roulette

Online Roulette

Online Roulette is at the forefront of online casino gaming in Europe. With the classic table game leading the pack, here at we have a range of roulette tables for you to try your hand at. From the authenticity of live dealers to plush online roulette lounges, has it all. No matter what type of roulette game you play, you will always be treated like a high-roller. Browse our roulette tables below.

About Online Roulette

Roulette is a game with an unmistakable sound: the sound of a small marble rattling around the outside edge of a wooden roulette wheel until it finally drops into a numbered pocket. This sound is instantly recognisable to fans of this centuries-old game.

Serious roulette players love this game because of its combination of luck and betting strategies. Players can bet on black or red pockets, odd or even numbers, ranges of numbers and more. There are many roulette bets to choose from. Bets with lower odds payout less while bigger payouts could await those willing to wager on bets with higher odds.

The basic premise of roulette is easy to understand, and you'll find that the majority of online roulette games follow the same set of rules. You'll place your wagers by placing virtual chips on the number board or the racecourse. You are betting on where you think the marble will land as the roulette wheel slows down. You can place multiple bets for every spin, just as long as you have the chips to support them (never bet more than you can afford). Once you are satisfied with your bets, you can instruct your croupier to spin the wheel in Live Roulette or press the relevant button to make the roulette spin in simulated online roulette games. You win if the marble lands on one of the pockets you wagered on. Online roulette is a simple game that's fairly easy to understand, making it a great choice for both veteran and novice players alike.

History Of Roulette

There are many different theories regarding the history of Roulette, the most popular are that it was created by Monks from Tibet and that Roulette was actually created in the name of science! These theories come almost a century earlier than the first reference to Francois Blanc and the game we call Roulette today. Those references come from the 18th century and the year 1796 to be specific. Understanding the history of Roulette is very helpful in understanding how to play the game and utilise each segment of the wheel correctly.

By clicking on the image above, our players can check out all of the top three theories regarding roulette and get our take on how realistic those theories are. We’ll also compare those theories to the modern day hypothesis regarding the world’s most popular casino game.

How to Play Online Roulette

For hundreds of years, people have been visiting brick-and-mortar casinos to play the exciting game that we all know as roulette. Thanks to modern technology, these days you don’t need to visit a land-based casino to play. You can play roulette online from anywhere using either a computer or your mobile device. Better yet, you can play here at

Our online casino never closes. Whenever you want to play, simply login and choose your game. You can enjoy epic roulette action anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about playing online roulette, check out our useful guide below. If you're looking for more guides, they can all be found in our casino blog

Choose Your Roulette Game

The first step to playing online roulette is to choose your game. We offer two options for your gaming environment: live or computer simulation. The former utilises real-time video feeds text-based chat to offer you a live experience with a human croupier spinning a genuine roulette wheel. The former is a completely video-based experience similar to video slots.

We recommend you try both to see which is more suitable for you. Rest assured that your chances of winning are equal across both environments. Winning is based on a combination of luck and your betting strategy.

Roulette Strategy Guides

When great casino games are created, there is no doubt that some players will attempt to implement strategy into their gameplay. With some games, it is understandable and actually works quite well - others, not so much. Roulette is a game where hundreds of players have created their own strategies that they believe brings them success. The most popular is the Martingale system, which attempts to use the balance of probability to compensate losses and leave a small profit for players. Yet the fact of the matter is that nothing is guaranteed in Roulette, you could lose 100 times in a row and you could win 100 times in a row. Both are highly improbable but no where near impossible.

To find out our top five Roulette strategies, click the image above and check out systems that you may have never heard of before. Our favourite comes from a man who has gotten younger as the years have gone by - James Bond.

All About Roulette Betting

The basic rules of roulette are fairly easy to understand: you place your wagers on the betting table, the croupier spins the wheel and sends the marble in the opposite direction. The marble then drops into a numbered slot, and you win or lose based on whether you guessed correctly. To read our in-depth guide to Roulette Bets, click the image below. For a summary, continue reading on this page.

Despite its simple rules, betting is what makes roulette such an interesting game. On the betting table, you’ll see a series of squares featuring numbers, colours, and text. Some tables also have what is known as the ‘race track’ because of its shape. The racetrack is not necessary for gameplay, but it does make wagering more efficient for games in which it is used.

In either case, the numbered and coloured spaces on the interior of the betting area represent what are known as inside bets. For example, if you place your chips on the red 18 square, that means you are guessing that the marble will land on the corresponding 18 slot on the wheel.

All the spaces on the exterior represent what are known as outside bets. These are bets involving the two possible colours, odd and even numbers, and groups of numbers that represent from 12 to 18 roulette wheel pockets. There is no limit to the number of bets you can place just as long as you have enough chips.

You control your own decisions by using computer-generated buttons. Place your bets by dragging chips onto the betting table, then click ‘Spin’ to set the wheel in motion. One important note: in some online roulette games, all the bets you place on the table will remain intact for the next spin unless you click the ‘Clear’ button first. Make sure you read up on the game you’re playing and familiarise yourself with how the controls work so you don’t lose more money than you anticipated.

Types Of Roulette Games

Player's Suite Roulette

Big rewards could be waiting when you play Player's Suite Online Roulette at The most popular version of virtual roulette has everything you would expect from a conventional roulette table. Choose the level of risk using the handy roulette chip selector and place your bets. Online Roulette is a big favourite with us here. You'll play the game in a high-quality, simulated environment which has everything you need to experience the very best of online roulette. You'll find various betting controls which speed up the process by placing multiple chips on the number board with one click of a button - you don't get this level of convenience in a land-based casino. Click on the Expert History button to view hot and cold numbers, the last twenty winning numbers as well as various percentages which can help you place more strategic bets if you're the type of player who likes to experiment with roulette strategies.

Live Roulette

Do you prefer the feel of a live roulette table in a casino? Then our Live Roulette is for you. Experience the fun of the table in your own home. This game really puts you in the hot seat, giving you a high-quality video of the casino floor. You'll be connected to a real roulette game customised for the video environment. You'll see your own croupier stand behind the roulette wheel waiting to spin on your say-so. You can interact with the croupier using a built-in chat feature. This particular live roulette game is created by Evolution Gaming, who pride themselves on their world-class Live Casino products. There's flexible camera views available when you play Live Roulette on your mobile or tablet, as you can switch effortlessly between vertical and horizontal orientation and view the roulette wheel from various angles.

Euro Roulette

A more sophisticated looking table with a VIP casino feel. Authentic Roulette Lobby offers a Euro Roulette experience giving you the ability to take your time and get a feel for the table. This is definitely a game for the roulette purists who prefer to sit back and enjoy the game, as the classic-style interface will remind you of vintage roulette tables you may find in land-based casinos. However, this game still offers some modern features like table history and the ability to switch between two camera views.

Live Lightning Roulette

When it comes to live roulette games, Live Lightning Roulette is as contemporary as it gets. Not only does it allow you to play the popular casino table game in a stunning, black and gold art deco environment, but also offers higher winning potential with the Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts features. Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts in Live Lightning Roulette are essentially bonus features, which may appeal to the slot fans among you, and could result in huge win multipliers of between 50x and 500x. Developed by Evolution Gaming, this online roulette game features advanced RNG gameplay which could revolutionise the way you play the game. All of the usual roulette bets, plus the classic elements we love are there, but are accompanied by an electrifying interface and additional ways to win. Live Lightning Roulette can also be played by a huge number of players - a virtually unlimited number, in fact. It's no wonder that Live Lightning Roulette was named Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas 2018.

Blaze Live Roulette

Provided to us by Authentic Games, Blaze Live Roulette isn't just realistic - it's real. Our Blaze Live Roulette table is streamed from the floor of a luxurious land-based casino, where you can join your croupier who'll guide you through your game from start to finish. The game interface is sleek, easy to navigate and even displays 'hot' and 'cold' numbers, win percentages and other statistics from the last 250 rounds. You can choose whether you'd like to play in multi-camera or classic view, which can be changed at any time, meaning you never have to miss a second of the action. Blaze Live Roulette differs to our other online roulette titles in the way it's presented to players - you'll notice that your croupier is standing in front of a large screen - this is a live feed which lets you get up close and personal with the roulette table and experience each moment to the fullest as it unfolds in the casino. You can also catch our Blaze Live Roulette table on your TV screens, as the Live Casino Show recently launched on Channel 5. Tune in every night from 1am for premium roulette action, brought to you by our talented croupiers and presenters. Play along at home simply by logging into your account and launching the Blaze Live Roulette game.

Roulette Tips

Now, in this blog so far, we have covered how to play roulette, bet types, strategies, types of roulette games and more! Which means that there is just one topic for us left to handle and that is simple pieces of advice that can turn a beginner into an intermediate player. This advice covers everything from types of bets all the way through to how to set up a bankroll. We definitely recommend checking out this blog as you may find something that even the most experienced players may have either forgotten or simply didn’t know.

Looking to find out everything you need to know about Roulette? Check out our blog by clicking the image above.

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Did you miss your pre-match bet? With Live In-Play you can bet on the event once it has began. It's the perfect solution when your sixth sense is tingling mid-game.

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