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Auto Live Roulette


About Live Auto Roulette

The first thing to know about Live Auto Roulette is that it is a genuine, real-time game. It is not a simulation. The game is played using a real roulette wheel featuring 37 genuine pockets and a small ball that rattles around the wheel until it drops. Everything about this game is identical to a croupier-managed game except that the wheel operates automatically.

How is this possible? It is made possible by a highly advanced roulette wheel that has been designed and built as a precision gaming instrument. Removing the croupier from the equation speeds up gameplay and completely removes what little human influence may exist in roulette.

Live Auto Roulette is so efficient that it is capable of producing up to 80 spins per hour. That means a lot more roulette for you in the same time you would spend playing a croupier-managed game. Live Auto Roulette offers a somewhat unique experience that every roulette player should try at least once.

Live Auto roulette: How Does it Work?

Logging in to Live Auto Roulette connects you to a live studio featuring both audio and video feeds. The camera is aimed squarely at the automated roulette wheel, as that is all players really need to see. But make sure your sound is turned up. The game's live audio feed lets you hear all of the action as it takes place.

At the bottom of your screen, computer-generated graphics overlay the live video feed. These graphics provide the tools you need to play. You should see a set of poker chips along with a series of buttons for manipulating the action. You will also see displays of your current bankroll and other important information.

The entire presentation is set up in such a way as to help you totally focus on the game itself. You will hear the sounds of an active studio in the background, but all of your attention will be on the automated roulette wheel. You'll be able to maximise your spins by keeping up with the pace of the game.

Playing Live Auto Roulette

Live Auto Roulette is based on European rules. This means there are 37 total pockets consisting of the house pocket (zero) and pockets numbered 1 through 36. The house pocket is green; the rest are coloured black and red alternately. A single game consists of one spin of the wheel followed by the marble dropping into one of the pockets.

To play, you simply drag chips onto the play table using your mouse – or your finger if you're on a mobile device. You can place as many wagers as you want up to the table limits. Wager on single numbers, groups of numbers, and dozens of additional options.

If you have never played roulette before, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with inside and outside bets. Inside bets are placed on the interior of the play table where you find the numbered grid. These bets have higher odds because they are harder to hit. For example, wagering only on the number 1 offers you only a 1-in-37 chance of winning. Inside bets offer higher payouts in exchange for higher odds.

On the perimeter of the grid are spaces representing wagers with higher odds. The odd/even bet is a good example. This is considered an even money bet because your odds of winning are just under 50-50. Lower odds mean the payouts on outside bets are lower.

Just like in croupier-managed roulette, Live Auto Roulette players only have a limited amount of time to place their wagers. So pay attention to the clock. Once it reaches zero your opportunity to wager is gone and the wheel will spin automatically.

Live Auto Roulette: Extra Features

Live Auto Roulette offers an extra feature you might find very useful. The Favourite Bets feature makes it possible for you to create a list of up to 15 wagers that constitute your favourites. Those bets are stored for easy retrieval whenever you play. And no, you do not have to re-create your list every time you log on. It is saved for future sessions.

To create your list, just click the 'Favourite Bets' button at the bottom of your screen. Enter as many bets as you want before resuming play. You can play one by clicking the button between spins. One last thing to note: all of your favourite bets can be used across our entire inventory of Evolution Gaming's live roulette titles.

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