Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack

Blackjack: one of the world’s most renowned and iconic casino games. Played in many land-based casinos, this classic card game is brought to your screens in numerous forms. Blackjack is wildly popular, and brings you a range of different games to suit any style, with various special features, side bets and HD display. What do they all have in common? They all offer an epic and authentic blackjack experience, whether you’re playing on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Here at, we believe in variety, and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered with our range of virtual and online blackjack games. Put your skills and knowledge of the game to the test, whether it's against a real or virtual dealer.

There’s only one question left: which one will you play?

About Playing Blackjack Online

Before we dive into our impressive collection of blackjack games, let's familiarise ourselves with what it is and how it works. Playing blackjack online is very similar to blackjack in a real-life casino, and you'll find that the majority of our tables follow the same rule set as land-based blackjack games. The objective is very much the same - obtain a hand which is higher than the dealer’s without exceeding the total of 21, also known as going 'bust' - if this happens, you lose the game. You'll be dealt two initial cards, whether these be virtual or real, and will then be given the option to hit, stand or double down. All of our games are very user-friendly, with an easy-to-navigate game interface and clearly marked buttons. If you want to know more about a particular table then check out the game information page which will provide a good idea of what to expect. If you’re looking for an in-depth experts guide to online Blackjack, click the link below.

Now that you understand the basics, it is time to learn to play. Login and sit down at your virtual blackjack table. Wager by clicking on the chips underneath the video screen. When you are ready to go, click the 'Deal' button to see your first two cards. You can then:

Hit – Take another card

Stand – Take no more cards and defer to the dealer

Double – Double your wager and then take another card

Split – Split your two cards into separate hands and draw two more cards (note that this automatically doubles your wager).

A couple of things to note here. First, you can only split on the first draw when dealt with a matching pair. Once you decide to hit or stand, your opportunity to split has passed. Second, note that our Live Blackjack game requires the dealer to stand at 17. This gives you a slight advantage if you are willing to take the risk on a card total of 10 or more. At the conclusion of each hand, you can either repeat the next hand with the same wager or choose a new wager. Click the 'Clear' button to remove all wagers from the table and start over.

To check out our full in-depth How to Play Blackjack Guide, click the image below.

About Blackjack Strategies

Basic Blackjack Strategy was first developed by a mathematician who used a computer simulation to play hundreds of millions of blackjack hands. By playing the hands, analysing the results, and running mathematical equations, the computer was able to come up with a basic set of rules for improving player advantage. For example, the basic strategy says a player should always split aces but never 10s. It dictates a player should always hit with a hard total of 8, regardless of the dealer's up card.

For players looking to brush up on their blackjack skills, or people new to the game our comprehensive guide on How to Play Blackjack has everything you need to get the ball rolling.

Want to check out our full strategy guide? Click the image below

Blackjack Games Live Blackjack

We're serious about offering a top-quality blackjack experience here at, and to prove it, we've created our very own branded Live Blackjack table. Provided by live casino experts Evolution Gaming, Live Blackjack offers everything you need to play every round to its full potential. Enjoy side bets, conversation with friendly dealers, versatile betting limits and convenient opening times, all housed within a sophisticated casino environment. One of the main attractions when it comes to the branded table is that it offers much lower betting limits than the majority of other Live Blackjack tables, meaning players can stretch their bankroll further with £5 bets. If you're looking for a cool and classy setting with the most innovative features on the market, stop by our branded blackjack table. Exclusive Blackjack Table have launched our very own branded table - as well as being branded with you'll also get some extra features. There's a bespoke live dealer with live interaction to give you a better casino experience. The minimum stakes on the table are lower too, which have proven more popular with those who are beginners. Find a sneak peak of the brilliant Branded table below.

Make Your Move at the Blackjack Table

Want to take a seat at a new kind of blackjack table?

At, we strive to bring the best online casino experience possible. It’s no surprise that we’re big blackjack players - we’re always chasing that iconic 21 that gives our casino its name. And now, you can make your move at the branded blackjack table, open 24/7 and complete with all of the features you need to play every round to its full potential whenever suits you best.

A Fully Immersive Casino Environment

When you play blackjack online, there’s no reason to sacrifice that high-class casino feel. The Live Blackjack table is situated in a sophisticated room with black decor and vibrant blue lighting and is led by a fantastic team of friendly, professional dealers who you can chat with throughout if you want to. They’ll take you through each round with ease and communicate what’s happening at every stage of the game so you’re always in the loop, creating a truly authentic experience.

Innovative Features

When you take your seat at the Live Blackjack table, you’re free to use the chat feature. Use the speech bubble button to reveal the in-built chat window. You can communicate with your dealer and other players by typing messages into the chat bar. This means you don’t have to sacrifice the social aspect of casino table games when playing online.

No free seats at the blackjack table? No problem. The Bet Behind feature can be used when playing at the Blackjack table, which means you never have to wait around for an empty seat. The Bet Behind feature allows for mass multiplayer scalability - simply choose a player to bet behind. If you bet behind a player, you are wagering on the hand dealt to them and will receive the same payout as them if they win. Don’t know which player to choose? Players currently on a winning streak will be marked as “hot players”. A gold medal will be displayed beside the seat of a hot player, and the number of consecutive rounds won will be shown on the medal.

Blackjack: Perfect Pairs

Blackjack: Perfect Pairs is another great blackjack game which is played in a 3D, simulated environment. The main attraction here is the ability to place a range of blackjack side bets. The side bets on offer are the popular 21+3 and Perfect Pairs bets, and you’ll find a section for these two bets on the blackjack table. To place a side bet, all you have to do is place a chip in one of the designated betting areas. Each seat at the Blackjack: Perfect Pairs table has these betting sections and they’re pretty easy to spot - look for the Perfect Pairs box and the +3 circle. Like many other games, Blackjack: Perfect Pairs allows you to take multiple seats at the table - in this case, you can take up to five. This means you can also place multiple side bets at once, but remember to gamble responsibly if you do decide to take part in a little side action.

Live Blackjack Party

If you’re looking for a live blackjack game with an edge, check out Live Blackjack Party. Party-goes will love the atmosphere created by upbeat music and lively dealers. However, it’s not only the party vibe which makes Live Blackjack Party pop but the range of special and innovative features on offer too. You’ll find the Bet Behind feature we’ve come to expect in Evolution Gaming’s live blackjack products, as well as side bets and Pre-Decision. This game packs everything we love about blackjack games into one product and offers a great environment to play in.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

Looking for a virtual blackjack table where you can play more than one hand? One of the best things about playing blackjack online is the ability to play multiple hands at once, without having to wait for other players to take their turn. This makes for a more fast-paced blackjack experience and offers the chance to put your favourite blackjack strategy to the test or simply get to grips with how to play blackjack at your own convenience. So if multi-hand blackjack is your thing, look no further than where you'll find world-class casino table games 0 many of which offer a multi-hand online blackjack experience.

Live Blackjack Online

Looking for a live dealer blackjack experience? Play Live Blackjack at and immerse yourself in the real-life table environment. This is the leading online Live Blackjack game and it’s easy to see why. The real-time video quality gives you the feeling you’re sitting right at the blackjack table.

This live edition of blackjack is the next best thing to playing in a real casino. It’s a real, live game played with a live dealer who you can interact with, and all of this is streamed straight to your desktop, mobile or tablet. The video feed includes a graphic overlay with all the controls you need to navigate a game of online blackjack with ease. Play against six other players or use the Evolution Gaming Bet Behind feature - gone are the days of waiting around for a seat. The best part about Live Blackjack is the competitive element - you’re not playing against a computer simulation here. Real cards are dealt to real players. Who will beat the dealer and leave the Live Blackjack table a winner?

Live Blackjack offers various camera angles that make your online gameplay as immersive as it can possibly be, capturing every move in high definition. Special features and the popular side bet options make for a stimulating and entertaining experience.

Online Blackjack FAQs

We welcome new blackjack players to our site every day. We, therefore, understand that players might have questions about the game, and we’re here to provide you with all of the information you need. Blackjack is a hugely popular choice among UK online casino users, so it’s only natural that more knowledge on the classic card game is being sought out. Check the most frequently asked questions relating to playing blackjack online below, from odds to legalities, from simulated to live products. We’re giving you some answers, so you can get the best out of your online casino experience.

Can I Play Real Money Blackjack Online on App?

Our mobile casino app is available across Google Play and Apple stores for you to download in seconds. The ease, quickness and personalised experience, which is present in our mobile apps are what makes them stand out, as well as not having to play through a traditional browser. Simply clicking in the app and being able to play in seconds is a feature our returning players enjoy as they are a click away from all their favourite titles. Additionally, our mobile casino apps have been launched with functionality in mind ensuring your experience is even more smooth and intuitive compared to a browser, unlike others on the market.

Are blackjack winnings subject to taxes?

No. Prior to 2001, UK gamers were subject to a betting duty applied to all their winnings. That duty was abolished. Now your blackjack winnings are completely tax-free, as are winnings from all sorts of gambling endeavours. Furthermore, there is no requirement to report winnings from gambling to HMRC.

Can I play blackjack for free?

Yes. You can play demo versions of our blackjack games, and most other games on our site, for free when logged into your account. You must, however, complete our verification checks in order to access demo games. Demo mode lets you try the game out to see how it works and decide if you enjoy playing before you bet with any real money. The only exception is Live Blackjack, as this is played in real-time. New players can also claim £10 free, so you can try out a few games on us.

What is the difference between live blackjack and a simulation?

Where live blackjack is played with a real dealer standing behind a real table, a simulation is essentially a piece of software that provides all of the same functionality without using an actual dealer or table. The rules are exactly the same.

Can I play blackjack on a mobile device?

Yes, absolutely. Mobility is one of the key features of modern online games that we are happy to provide players. You can play blackjack anywhere you have an internet connection.

Is blackjack always played against the house?

Yes. In some online games, there are multiple table positions allowing for multiple players simultaneously. However, players never compete against each other. Blackjack is always played exclusively against the house. However, this doesn’t mean you can have some healthy competition with your fellow players!

Is there a winning strategy I can employ?

Numerous blackjack ‘experts’ have come up with their own strategies for playing blackjack. It is fine to try any of the strategies you find intriguing, but no blackjack strategy can guarantee 100% success. We cover this in more detail in our blackjack strategy guide.

How many decks are normally used in online blackjack?

The number of decks an online casino uses varies from one to the next. On average, it tends to be around six. However, some casinos use eight while others use four. There is no way to know for sure.

Do online casinos shuffle after each hand?

Regularly shuffling the deck is something the online casino will often do to make it harder for players to count cards. Interestingly enough, statistics have shown that card counting is a fruitless strategy when playing blackjack online, but many pro players such as Bryce Carlson claim otherwise.

What kind of blackjack games can I play online?

Here at, we pride ourselves on offering the best of the best to our players. Our tables are no exception. Whether you like the immersive experience of Live Blackjack or the extra side bets offered by Blackjack Perfect Pairs, there’s something to suit any style of player. We offer games created by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as NetEnt and Evolution gaming. High rollers may enjoy our selection of premium VIP Live Blackjack games, which offer higher betting limits and other great perks.

What are the odds of winning a game of online blackjack?

The odds can vary from game to game, but in most instances, a blackjack pays 3:2. If your hand exceeds the dealer’s (without going bust) then you’ll receive 1:1 odds. If you choose to place side bets, the odds will vary depending on which bet you place, but will usually be higher than a standard blackjack bet.

Do the same rules apply in online blackjack games as in land-based casinos?

Online and live blackjack games will always follow the same set of basic rules that you’d play by in a land-based casino. Although some games may offer some extra features, the overall concept remains the same.

What is the highest betting limit for online blackjack?

The maximum bet that you can place in varies from game to game. For example, Blackjack Perfect Pairs allows you to bet £1000 per round, whilst Classic Blackjack Gold only allows you to stake £200. VIP Live Blackjack offers higher betting limits to satisfy players with bigger bankrolls.

How does online blackjack work?

Simulated blackjack games work in a similar way to online slots and other online casino games. A piece of software called a Random Number Generator produces an outcome to each round. The cards dealt to you, the dealer and other players are therefore chosen at random by this technology, ensuring a fair game. Much like real-life blackjack, you’ll take a place at the blackjack table and place your bet by selecting chips, which will appear in the betting box in front of you.

Relax Blackjack Tables

Relax Blackjack is a great introduction to the game for less experienced players, offering an incredibly realistic simulation featuring a photo-realistic table with a straight-forward interface. It makes getting to grips with playing blackjack online easy, with simple controls and a one-to-one experience against the house. This title takes a no-fuss approach, allowing you to easily place bets, draw cards and then decide how to proceed - as well as offering the Best Bet features, which outlines the best move to make after the hand is dealt to help you work on your prowess before moving on the live tables.

Which providers create online blackjack games?

Here at, we have a number of fantastic slot and casino game providers but only a special few have created games for our Live Casino. Our most prominent provider is Evolution Casino Gaming who are the largest Live Casino provider in the world and are responsible for some of the greatest games in the industry. However, there are two other providers who have taken up the difficult task of competing with Evolution and they are Relax Gaming and Authentic.

Relax Blackjack Tables

Relax Blackjack is a great introduction to the game for less experienced players, offering an incredibly realistic simulation featuring a photo-realistic table with a straight-forward interface. It makes getting to grips with playing blackjack online easy, with simple controls and a one-to-one experience against the house. This title takes a no-fuss approach, allowing you to easily place bets, draw cards and then decide how to proceed - as well as offering the Best Bet features, which outlines the best move to make after the hand is dealt to help you work on your prowess before moving on the live tables. Looking to check out more Relax Gaming casino games and slots.

Play Top Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack, known occasionally as 21, ultimately stands as one of our most popular game varieties with countless numbers of players pulling up their virtual pew to our vast collection of tables every day to try their hand at besting the dealer. If you’re new to playing blackjack online we understand that approaching our catalogue of online blackjack games can be a little bit daunting, so to help you find your footing we’ve put together a list of our top tables for you to start at - ranging from computer-simulated games to live casino rooms:

European Blackjack: European Blackjack is blackjack in its simplest form, offering players a simple, user-friendly and engaging gaming experience which is perfect for players who are just starting out with playing online blackjack.

First Person Blackjack: Presenting a unique combination of live blackjack and virtual gameplay, First Person Blackjack puts you in control of the gameplay in a live casino setting - brilliant if you’re looking for something to bridge the gap between virtual blackjack and our live casino variants.

Power Blackjack: For those of you whose blackjack prowess is a little more refined, we have Power Blackjack for you to check out. Offering up a bounty of novel blackjack gameplay, complete with a bundle of side bets, unique decks of cards in play and the potential to land some pretty payouts as you play.

The Best Live Casino and Online Slot Game Experience at

Ensuring our casino players have the best online casino experience possible when playing at is our top priority! To help with this we handpick a variety of quality casino games. If you are overwhelmed by our selection and aren't sure what to play, why not try a classic like Rainbow Riches or Starburst?

Hit the reels in our online slot games. At you'll find a huge variety of slot games of all types with classics, themed games and jackpot slots all under one roof. We pick out the most popular slot games to offer you an enjoyable experience. Take a spin in Rainbow Riches Free Spins, Egyptian themed Book of Dead Slot game or Fishin Frenzy.

We also add a plethora of new online slots to our catalogue each month, so whether you’re looking for the latest releases from a specific developer or looking for a fresh new set of reels to spin you’ll find something to play amongst our selection of the best slot games. Some of our favourite latest releases include:

Razor Shark: Oceanic giants bare their teeth to protect the reels of the Razor Shark slot and the potential sunken treasures that reside within them. Would you plunge into the murky depths for the chance to sink your teeth into some fantastic payout potential, fishy features and more?

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways: Gonzo invites players to join him as he embarks on his quest through the jungles once more. The latest title to join our selection of Megaways slots is Gonzo’s Quest Megaways which many of our long-time slot players may recognise - embark on an adventure through the trees and spin for the chance to uncover the lost riches that are said to lie deep within the Amazon.

Jackpot slots bring together a collective prize pool which one lucky player could take home at any point. Known as progressive jackpots, as players stake, a percentage of the stake goes into a total jackpot. At any point, the jackpot could drop on the reels with the winner taking home a huge cash prize! Will that lucky player be you? To find out, why not try Genie Jackpots or Wish Upon a Jackpot?

If slot games aren’t for you and you’re after real-time interaction with dealers and other players, the Live Casino brings the action of the casino floor directly to you, wherever you are. Formally known for bringing you live casino games such as Online Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and Blackjack you'll now find a mix of new live casino games. Looking for that live casino experience with a twist? Check out our arsenal of casino game shows where you can play Monopoly Live, Live Dream Catcher or the iconic Crazy Time.

Online Sports Betting

For the sports lovers out there we have our Online Betting sportsbook. You'll find odds and fixtures from all of the latest and best sporting events from around the globe. Whether you like football betting, horse racing betting, rugby union betting, rugby league betting, darts betting or betting on another sport you'll find them all under one roof at Don't forget - we also provide the latest sports betting tips on our blog. Take a read and get ahead of the game.

Did you know your can Bet Live In Play? Once an event begins you're able to continue to place your bets with odds reflecting the current state of the game. It's the perfect betting solution if you miss your pre-match bet.

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We all love a Casino Bonus, don't we? Our Casino Bonus promotions page will give you all of the latest offers available at That could be deposit matching, free spins, cashback or for new players, £10 FREE with no deposit. Why not get a little extra from your online casino experience? Make sure to check your email inbox as all-new promotions will arrive there, giving you a heads up!