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Power Blackjack


About Power Blackjack

Evolution Gaming stands as one of the biggest pioneers when it comes to creating outstanding and unique live blackjack experiences, presenting our players with fantastic new ways to play with every release - Power Blackjack is no exception, presenting players with a fantastically fast-paced and innovative gameplay experience where even more blackjack side bets are available for you to employ at your disposal and potentially pretty cash payouts could be had by those who can best the dealer in this luxe live casino setting.

How To Play Power Blackjack

The aim of the game when playing Power Blackjack is no different than that of any other online blackjack game, it is played with 8 decks of cards and your end goal is to form a hand that is higher in value than that held by the dealer without the sum of your cards exceeding the total of 21. However, there are some key differences to how the game is played out:

  • All 9s and 10s are removed from each of the 8 decks.
  • Much like Infinite Blackjack there are an unlimited number of seats available, so you can play at any time no matter how full or empty the table is.
  • You can double, triple and quadruple down on ANY TWO cards, even after a pair split has been made.
  • The dealer will check for blackjack on a J, Q, K or A upcard.

Power Blackjack Side Bets

There are a number of additional side bets available for you to make when playing Power Blackjack, they are as follows:

- Hot 3: Pays out if the first cards you’re dealt and the dealer’s upcard reach a total between 19 and 21.

- Three of a Kind: Similar to Poker games, this side bet pays out if the first three cards dealt form a Flush, Straight or Three of a Kind Poker hand.

- Any Pair: Will see you receive a payout if the first two cards you are dealt are a pair.

- Bust It: You will receive a payout if the dealer busts.

Power Blackjack Buttons

Place Your Bets

To place your bets in Power Blackjack, use the available chips to select a value that is best suited to your bankroll - click on your respective betting circle and any of the side bets circles you wish to wager on. Once the allotted betting window is up, the dealer will deal out two 2-hand cards - each player will bet on the same player hand but the choices of other players will not affect your payout potential.


You should opt to hit if you feel like the hand could achieve a higher value than what it currently is without exceeding 21.


Choose to stand if you’re happy the hand value will be higher than that of the dealer and will result in a payout.

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