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Free Bet Blackjack


About Free Bet Blackjack

This best casino game plays excellently on tablets, mobiles and PCs. You share the action with countless numbers of anonymous players.

The scene opens with direct access to the half-moon Online Blackjack table covered in red baize. Matching curtains are draped at the back and pillars of glitzy lights are on either side creating an image similar to a fairground sideshow, but without the distracting soundtrack so you can focus on the game.

When the hand is slid towards you it instantly disappears as it's transformed into your set of virtual cards. Directly opposite to you is a dealer, either a man in an evening suit or a lady in a luxurious dress. And when you're ready to cross your dealer's palm with silver your game can begin.

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How to Play

The game is based on Evolution Gaming's Infinite Blackjack combined with the most popular version played on live casino variants. The simple to use controls include a facility that lets you chat to your dealer and details about your balance.

The casino game uses a total of eight packs of cards and the dealer hands you two to begin with. You then have approximately fifteen seconds to place your bet on the virtual area of the table immediately in front of you. Circular virtual sections move up with prompts such as '21+3' or 'Bust It' to help you make your decisions. You can also use a Re-Do button if you want to alter your bet, Repeat to keep your last bet or double it with the Double button.

Special Features

The automatic free bets are activated under certain conditions. The Double Down Free Bet matches your original bet and is awarded for a value of nine, ten or eleven on your initial two cards. You are then dealt one more card to discover if you can better the dealer's cards.

The Split Free Bet is activated when your first two cards have matching values and you decide to form two hands. You then receive an additional card for each hand and either accept with Stand or attempt to improve their value with Hit. The game includes other betting strategies to keep you entertained.

The Six Card Charlie allows you to automatically win your hand with six cards totalling twenty-one or less even if the dealer has a Blackjack of twenty-one.

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