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About One Blackjack Live

Without argument, blackjack is the most-played table game on the planet. That holds true for land-based establishments and online casinos. Now, one of the Internet gaming sector’s most famed slot providers, Pragmatic Play, through its live gambling arm, seeks to redefine this casino classic via One Blackjack Live.

One Blackjack Live builds on the foundations of the traditional ruleset by adding the Crazy 7, Bust Bonus, Perfect Pairs, and 21+3 extra wagers. These change the dynamic of blackjack’s tried-and-tested gameplay, opening up a win potential of up to 2,000x.

Enhanced by a sleek studio setting and a classy-dressed dealer, One Blackjack Live is a quality table choice for all, where the dealer must draw on sixteen totals and stand on all seventeen totals.

How To Play One Blackjack Live

How to Set Your Stake

Bet sizes in One Blackjack Live are adjusted using a chip icon tool found in the bottom right corner. Side-bets can be made by clicking on the designated position for the desired one on the player’s side of the dark violet cloth table. In general, players get twelve seconds to make decisions in this game, and Pragmatic Play has done a good job of making everything clear and easy to understand. Players can check their total wager size in the bottom right corner and their site balance in the bottom left. Like virtually all live table games, One Blackjack Live is only available for real money play.

How to Play One Blackjack Live

Nothing novel is presented in One Blackjack Live's base gameplay that significantly differs from the classic variant. Each round starts with one player's hand being dealt, with cards placed in a small chute and displayed on the table digitally. Based on what has been dealt, players can bust or stand. Naturally, the goal is to beat the dealer’s hand by reaching twenty-one, or a total closest to this number, without going over it. Note that the Six-Card Charlie rule applies in this game, meaning that if a player manages to get six cards without surpassing the cited limit, their hand wins regardless of what the dealer is showing.

One Blackjack Live Bonus Features

As mentioned above, there are four side-bets here. The most famous of these is likely the 21+3 bet that seeks to comprise a poker hand using a player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up one. Then we have the perfect pairs wager that pays out when a player has received a pair, with the prize size varying depending on the card colours. The Bust Bonus is betting on the dealer busting, and the Crazy 7 bet produces rewards when sevens pop up in the dealer’s up card and the player’s two.

21.co.uk Review Of One Blackjack Live

One Blackjack Live features all the classical elements of a blackjack game whilst also incorporating four side betting options.

Remember that in One Blackjack Live, dealers stand on hard and soft seventeens, they must take a card on sixteens, splitting pairs is allowed, the game pays 3:2 by default, and insurance pays 2:1. Ties are pushed, and no double-downs on splits are permitted. Hence, this Pragmatic Play live table game is a terrific choice for anyone looking to play blackjack. Those who want to explore other excellent streaming products from this provider could try Boom City, a super-immersive dice pick that implements the game show format.

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