21.co.uk App

With our new 21.co.uk Casino App, you can enjoy all the sights and sounds of being there in  a real life casino from the comfort of your own home.

You can experience the excitement of live Blackjack, Roulette or even countless numbers of Slot games at a click of a button by downloading our sensational Mobile App. 

What's more? You can take advantage of our £10 Free Casino Bonus when you download and register. Follow the quick and straightforward instructions below to download the 21.co.uk Casino App on your iPhone, Android or tablet. 

Download On Apple

- iPhone or iPad

- iOS 8 or later

Download On Android

- Ensure WiFi is enabled on your device

- Android 4.2 or later

-GPS enabled


1. Firstly, temporarily enable your device in order to install the 21.co.uk Android App from our secure servers, by doing the following steps:
- Open up ‘Settings’ on your android device
- Click on the‘Security’ button and ensure there is a check mark for ‘Unknown Sources’
- Select the ‘OK’ button
- Close your settings down * Once the application is downloaded, you can remove the mark for unknown sources*

2. Now Download the 21.co.uk Mobile App



3. You can now launch the app and either Login or register with 21.co.uk.


Android 6.0.1 Users

1. Download the 21.co.uk App



2. Open the app up by either:
-Click the notification on the bottom of your screen 
-Or go to Apps-> Search -> My Files and locate the 21.co.uk app.

Install the 21.co.uk App