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About Nexus Roulette

From the provider, OnAir Entertainment, the Nexus Roulette game brings a unique online roulette experience with the introduction of four automatic roulette wheels for you to play across.

Nexus Roulette includes live gameplay features and a modern studio design to add to the game's originality.

How to play Nexus Roulette

With the addition of four roulette wheels, Nexus Roulette strays away from the classic game, allowing you to experience bonuses and multipliers.

From the four wheels, there is one main wheel and three bonus wheels. The main wheel in Nexus Roulette decides the outcome of the round, covering typical inside betting options. Bonus wheels will come into play if they land on the same pocket as the main wheel, potentially triggering multipliers.

At the beginning of each round, you will need to select a bet amount that you would like to place on the virtual roulette table. You have a limited amount of time to select your bets before the live dealer closes the betting.

Nexus Roulette includes a drag & drop functionality to make it simple for players to move their selected bet around the table if they have incorrectly place a bet, or decided to change their mind before the betting window has closed.

After the betting window has closed, the balls will begin spinning around the wheels, eventually coming to a stop to determine the outcome of the round.

Nexus Roulette Special Features

Within the Nexus Roulette game, you can discover a range of bonus features with bonus wheels, multipliers and special betting options, all included.

Bonus Wheels

Nexus Roulette’s standout feature comes with the three bonus roulette wheels. If a ball lands on the same number as the main roulette wheel, a multiplier value can be triggered, with a maximum win of up to 5000x the stake available.

An additional aspect of this roulette game is a payout that is awarded when there is no hit on the main wheel, but there are matching hits on 2 or 3 bonus wheels. These award 50x and 500x respectively.

Special Bets

As well as the classical betting options from traditional roulette games, Nexus Roulette also includes three special bets; Finales en Plein, Finales a Cheval and Complete bets.

There is also a Nexus bet that is paid out when a number matches across the wheels, even if you do not bet on it. This can payout up to 500x when four wheels match the same number.

21.co.uk Review of Nexus Roulette

As an alternative to traditional roulette games, Nexus Roulette offers unique gameplay with the addition of three bonus wheels that can combine with the main wheel to activate a range of multiplier values.

Not only is the gameplay original, but the studio has also been designed to create a futuristic Cyberpunk theme that is completed with the blue neon lines that run across the table and the backdrop. Live hosts and chat functionality have also been included to provide interactive gameplay.

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