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Grand martingale roulette strategy

What is the Grand Martingale strategy?

If you're familiar with the original Martingale strategy, this version is not too dissimilar.

With the Grand Martingale betting system, players double their bet amount each round, adding the initial bet size to the total. This strategy does require players to select even money bets, such as red/black or odd/even.

The aim of the strategy is to theoretically maximise winnings when players are able to achieve a win.

Positives of the Grand Martingale strategy?

For any wins that are awarded when using the Grand Martingale betting system, they will return a slightly larger profit than the original Martingale due to the original bet size that is added to following bets.

The Grand Martingale system will also recover previous losses if players are able to eventually win. However, if you do encounter a losing streak, your bet amount will rise quickly so it's important to be cautious when playing online roulette with this strategy.

Negatives of the Grand Martingale strategy?

This betting strategy is essentially a more aggresive version of the original Martingale system. For those who have used the Martingale system before, you will be aware of how quick your bet amount can rise. In the Grand variation, players add the original bet on top of the doubled amount, causing the bet amount to rise even faster. For example, staking an original bet of £10.00 would soon rise to £30.00 in your next round.

A rising bet amount can result in larger losses for players rather than aiming to limit them. This is especially true when playing at a roulette table with betting limits as you won't be able to double bets past the limit in order to recover the previous bet.

It is also important to note that roulette games have a house edge, meaning that players are likely to lose more times than they win. As a result, losing streaks are common, causing players to lose large amounts when following the Grand Martingale betting system.

Summary of the Grand Martingale strategy?

The Grand Martingale betting system does not improve your chances of winning but it does aim to maximise winnings when you are able to hit a win.

Just like other Martingale strategies, it is simple to follow but this doesn't mean it is suited for every player. Grand Martingale is a progressive strategy that can result in your bet size rising very quickly, making it less suitable for new or casual players.

Finally, the Grand Martingale betting strategy is no different to other strategies in the sense that it does not guarantee you an outcome.

Grand Martingale strategy FAQs

Does the Grand Martingale system work?

Roulette is a game of chance, with an added house edge that is created by the zero segments that can be found on American and European roulette wheels.

The house edge means that roulette strategies do not result in wins all of the time. For example, an even-money bet in European roulette has a win percentage of 48.65% so players would expect to lose more than they win on average, regardless of the strategy they are using.

Is the Grand Martingale approach the best betting strategy?

Due to the high rising stakes that can be experienced with this approach, it is not the most popular system in roulette.

The original version of the strategy has become one of the more popular choices. For a less progressive strategy, some players may choose the Reverse-Martingale system.

Betting systems such as the constant bet strategy is a suitable option, allowing players to learn the game and stick with a smaller betting amount.

Which players is the Grand Martingale system suited for?

With it being a very progressive system, it is more suited for players with a large bankroll. New or casual players are less likely to use the system as the bet amount can rise quickly, potentially leading to bigger losses and shorter games.

Players who are new to the game are more likely to go for a constant bet strategy as they learn the game.

Which roulette games can the Grand Martingale betting system be used in?

As the strategy requires players to select even money bet types, any roulette game that offers them will work. This can include bets such as; high/low, red/black or odd/even.

Both American and European roulette offer even money bets so the Grand Martingale strategy can be used.