2 Hand Casino Hold'em


About 2 Hand Hold'em

There is the option of playing two hands at once. Lose with one hand and you simply continue playing with the other. There's even the chance of a prize-winning bonus round.

With 24/7 live casino streaming available on smartphones, tablets and desktops you can visit any time. The studio features a dark grey semi-circular table surrounded by silver pillars and hundreds of loose metallic strips that constantly shimmer and sparkle.

Watch closely and be amazed at how smoothly real cards become virtual ones. There's no music but you can enjoy a quick chat with the friendly professional live dealer. You're unlikely to need much help as Evolution Gaming's interface is straightforward to use making this one of the easiest casino games to follow.

How to Play 2 Hand Hold'em

You play against the dealer and the online casino action begins once you've placed a bet on your choice of one or two hands on the highlighted area of the table. There are separate sections for each hand. To keep you on your toes when placing bets there's a fifteen second time limit. There are buttons to Re-Do, Double or Repeat your last bet.

The dealer then deals two upturned cards to your hand(s), two cards face down to him/herself and three face-down in the communal area. As in the standard game you have to build a five-card hand from a total of seven cards. If you've chosen a two-hand game you play each separately in a clockwise direction. To make your decisions click on the prompts such as Call or Fold. If you exceed the time limit at any stage your hand is automatically folded.

When playing two-handed there's the thrill of continuing with your other hand. When two more community cards have been dealt your hand(s) and the dealers are compared. To give you an advantage the dealer's hand must have a value of at least a pair of fours. Generally, you win if your cards are higher and lose if they're lower.

Special Features in 2 Hand Hold'em

The optional bonus round is an additional opportunity to increase your potential winnings. Simply make a separate bet on one or both hands providing you've already activated it/them with an initial bet. Bonus bets are assessed on the first five cards and stand separately to the main game.

Even if you lost to the dealer in that round you can win a bonus cash prize for a pair of aces upwards. You can look forward to worthwhile payouts such as 7/1 for Three of a Kind or 50/1 for a Straight Flush.

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