Archangels Salvation

Archangels Salvation

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Archangels Salvation is a 6 reel slot with 100 paylines, as well as a variety of bonus features.

Archangels Salvation Slot Buttons


Once you have selected your stake you can press the spin button to begin the game.


Select the Info button and you will be able to view the winlines available in the Archangels Salvation Slot and how to activate the bonus features.


Select the ‘?’ button to view the game rules in the Archangels Salvation Slot.

Archangels Salvation Slot Bonus Features

Archangels Salvation Slot 2 x 2 Wild
The 2 x 2 Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol. Any part of a Wild symbol will contribute to a winning bet line paying out the highest possible winning combination according to the paytable.

Archangels Salvation Slot Hot Spot Areas
There are 2 different hot spot areas in the Archangels Salvation Slot. The first one is the top 2 rows of the game area and the second one is the bottom 2 of the game area. During the Free Spins, both hot spot areas will be increased to 3 rows. Each hot spot area has its own Wild feature. The top hot spot has the Heaven feature and the bottom hot spot as the Hell feature. If the 2 x 2 Wild lands on the reels so that any part of it is in the hot spot area, then that wild feature will be activated. The Wild feature is activated for each position on the reels that is occupied by the 2 x 2 Wild. If the full 2 x 2 Wild is in the hot spot area then the feature will be activated 4 times. Either 1 stack of Wild symbols or 4 single Wild symbols are generated for each Wild symbol in the hot spot area. The same feature can’t be activated 2 times in a row. Only 1 feature can be active at a time. There can only be 2 types of Wild symbols present on the reels during the features: single Wild symbols and stacks of Wild symbols. This bonus feature will come to an end when either no new Wild symbols land in the hot spot areas or when the Wild symbol has no free position to land on the reels. The win from the Wild feature is evaluated and paid out after the features have been played. Wild feature wins are added to any bet line wins.

Archangels Salvation Slot - Heaven Feature
The Heaven feature is activated when a wild symbol lands in the top hot spot area. The amount of Wild symbols that land in the hot spot areas will reward you with the corresponding amount of wilds. The length of the stacks of wild symbols varies from 3 to 5 symbols. The stacks of Wild symbols can fully cover Scatter symbols, single wild symbols and full / partial smaller stacks of wild symbols. The stacks of Wild symbols can’t land in the top hot spot area.

Archangels Salvation Slot - Hell Feature
The Hell feature is activated when a wild symbol lands in the bottom hot spot area. When this happens, the hell area will start shooting single Wild symbols randomly onto the reels. Single Wild symbols can’t land on top of Scatter and other wild symbols, and in the bottom hot spot area. The number of Wild symbols fired onto the reels is either 8 or 16, depending on whether the Wild symbol landed partially of fully in the hot spot area.

Archangels Salvation Slot - Free Spins
If you receive 3 or more stacked Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels you will activate Free Spins. The Scatter symbols are 2 symbols stacked. Each stack of Scatters count as 1 symbol, even though it occupies 2 positions on the reels. If only a part of the stack is showing, it will still contribute as a while Scatter symbol. If the Scatter symbol is covered with a stack of Wild symbols, the Scatter symbol will still activate Free Spins. If Free Spins and Wild features are activated at the same time, the Wild feature are played first. 3, 4, 5 and 6 Scatter symbols award 10, 15, 20 and 25 Free Spins. Free Spins are played at the same bet level and coin value as the round that activated the Free Spins. You can’t win additional Free Spins. At the end of the Free Spins, the game will go back to the round that activated Free Spins.

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