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The Live Roulette Difference

Authentic Roulette Original is a great place to start for players who have not yet experienced live roulette action. The difference between live roulette and its video counterpart is as noticeable as the difference between night and day.

Video roulette games are computerised games simulated completely by software. Even with today's modern graphics and intelligent game engines, no video simulation can replicate the live environment. So companies like Authentic Gaming partner with online casinos like ours to bring players that live experience they crave.

You will notice the difference right away when you log onto Authentic Roulette Original. Your screen will display an overhead shot of a real, genuine roulette wheel in action. That overhead shot combines with a number of additional camera angles to present a live experience reminiscent of sports broadcasting.

Playing Live Roulette Original

This is a European game featuring a wheel with 37 pockets; 1 through 36 plus a single zero pocket. You can bet on single numbers, rows of numbers, number groups, colours, odd and even, and more. In fact, there are nearly four dozen betting options to work with.

To place your wagers, just click on the virtual poker chips at the right side of your screen. Place them on the betting table by clicking in the appropriate location. Pay attention to the croupier as well. When he or she calls for no more bets, betting is closed and the wheel spins.

If the marble drops in one of the pockets you bet on, you're a winner. Outside bets pay less because odds are lower; inside bets pay more because their odds are higher. You'll get the hang of it with practice.

Live Action in the Background

Another thing you will notice with Authentic Roulette Original is all of the action happening on the casino floor. That's because this game isn't being played in a studio. It is on the Saint Vincent casino floor where there are other games being played. You will see people walking around the table for starters. Certain camera angles might even show you other players placing their bets.

Being part of this kind of live action is one of the things fans of live roulette most appreciate. They get to experience all the sights and sounds of a live casino even though they cannot get to Saint Vincent.

If you've never played live roulette before, we recommend you start with Authentic Roulette Original. It is the pure European game with no extra frills added. From here you can go on to play other Authentic titles or help yourself to our complete range of live casino games, or try our online slots and table games. We have something for everyone on our site.

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