Dragon Tiger Live

Dragon Tiger Live

About Dragon Tiger Live

Casino players these days love a simple game. Blackjack and poker are great, but the problem is that they take a lot of time to learn the basics. This is where Dragon Tiger comes in. A simple game that is based on random chance. It has been revolutionised thanks to Pragmatic Play Live’s release of Dragon Tiger Live.

Many compare Dragon Tiger Live to baccarat, and there are plenty of similarities. There are only two outcomes, and your goal is to guess which card will be higher – Dragon or Tiger, with a win paying even money. You’ll get a higher payout for a tie bet, but just like in live baccarat, the odds of this occurring are lower.

Like other Pragmatic Play Live games, the game uses cutting-edge technology. It’s streamed from studios with oriental elements that perfectly suit the game’s nature. The layout is simple to read, but you can use the in-game guide to refresh on any of the rules at any time.

The game is played with 8 standard decks of cards. Aces count as 1, Jacks count 11, Queens count 12, while Kings count 13. At the start of the round, the dealer will burn the first card dealt. There are no extra rounds, but there are several side bets if you are looking for an alternative betting option to the main bet, with each of them paying even money.

How To Play Dragon Tiger Live

How to Set Your Stake

Pragmatic Play’s games are unbeatable in terms of design, and Dragon Tiger Live is proof of it. You’ll notice all the controls set centrally on the screen. To set your bet, you will need to check the chips, then click on the bet that suits you and then on the three options on the screen – Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.

How to Play Dragon Tiger Live

Before the game begins, you have 16 seconds to place your main and side bets. After that, everything takes place automatically. You don’t need to do anything. As long as you make your pick, you will just wait for the dealer to finish and for the game to announce the results.

Dragon Tiger Live Bonus Features

Dragon Tiger Live has no bonus features. While some live casino games have bonuses, this one keeps to the core concept of the gameplay; however, you do have the addition of side betting options which you’ll find circling around the main bets. The first side bet is the Suited Tie bet, which pays 50:1. As the name suggests, it’s a side bet that pays if the round ends with a tie and suits on both sides.

All of the other side bets pay even money. For example, you can bet on small or big Dragon or Tiger, or odd or even numbers on both sides. These side bets have nothing to do with the actual result. No matter if you win or lose, you’ll win even money if the cards correspond to your chosen side bet.

21.co.uk Review Of Dragon Tiger Live

Dragon Tiger Live is a simple game to play that baccarat fans might find similarities in. It was a matter of time before the studio got to this game after unwavering success with Sweet Bonanza Candyland. It was the benchmark for the studio’s next moves, and the high-quality standards are on display once again in Dragon Tiger Live.