Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack 2

Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack 2


About Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack

Combining the great gameplay features of Evolution’s live blackjack games with the bonus of automated Free Bets, Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack is a unique alternative within the broad collection of titles.

How to play Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack

Before playing Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack, you must set your stake amount to one you are comfortable with. This can be set between the minimum and maximum stake range.

Once the stake has been set, you can place your bet ready for the game to start.

As this is a live game, the dealer will draw the initial two cards in real time, providing you with a gameplay experience similar to one found in a physical casino.

The automated Free Bets feature comes into play when eligible hands allow it.

To win Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack, you must make up a total of 21 or beat the dealer with a hand of greater value.

Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack Special Features

The main feature of the game comes from the automated Free Bets, but you can also find an exclusive studio design and live dealer experience.

Automated Free Bets

Whenever you have an eligible hand, this special feature automatically places Double Down or Split bets for free.

Landing an initial hand valued at 9, 10 or 11 improves the likelihood of beating the dealer, which is where the Double Down bet can come into play. When you Double Down, you double your initial bet and request one additional card.

With the split bet, you are splitting up a hand where both cards are equal in terms of value. Doing so will create two separate hands that can be played against the dealer.

Live Dealers

Within the blackjack lobby, you can find the live dealer hosting the game. The inclusion of chat functionality allows you to interact with the live dealer, creating an interactive experience for players.

21.co.uk Review of Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack

Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack is one of the more unique games available, allowing for automatic Free Bets to be placed whenever an eligible hand is created.

You can also expect to find the option to select side bets and interact with other players playing at the blackjack table via the live chat functionality.

When it comes to side betting, classical options such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3 are available for you to bet on.

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