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First Person Roulette

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About First Person Roulette

While you play First Person Roulette you can enjoy a taste of what online roulette can offer. First Person Roulette uses the same advanced three-dimensional graphics as the other games in the First Person collection to create a playing area with such realistic colours and depth its display is strikingly similar to a live streamed format.

You feel as if you can almost touch the polished wooden inlays of the traditionally styled wheel. And whenever you feel ready to explore the drama and suspense of the live game you only have to click the Go Live button to reach an active table. Otherwise, pause a while, for there is plenty of action to enjoy in First Person Roulette.

How to Play

new casino games like this have been developed to accommodate all types of playing preferences by providing a choice of three play modes. The game allows you to play at a pace that suits your individual style by letting you choose when to start your turn. It's an ideal format if you want to relax and enjoy the experience of the game but avoid the tension of placing a timed bet which is such a principal feature of the live version.

Instead of a live croupier you are accompanied by an amiable automated voice when playing in the top online casino version. The screen display is uncluttered with Evolution Gaming's typically streamlined, simple to use navigation. It includes customisable settings, a facility to view the win rate of individual numbers and data about your account.

To place a bet choose your chip size then click on the familiar roulette layout to position it. If you change your mind there is all the time you need to choose an alternative bet by pressing the Re-Do button. When you are ready, press Spin and as the ball comes to a clattering halt you can observe the wheel in a close up shot.

Rules and Stats

The game follows the format used in Monte Carlo and other famous continental live casino where the wheel has thirty-seven numbers ranging from 0 to 36. The odds for placing bets in various combinations are also the same. A Straight or single number pays the most at 35/1 while a Split straddling across two numbers on the layout pays 17/1. Other pay lines include a Street of three numbers at 11/1 while a Corners bet which sits on the junction where four squares meet pays at 5/1. Choosing a red or black square or any odd or even number both pay at evens. Betting limits range from one to 5,000 coins.

Special Features

Use the Re-bet and Spin feature to repeat your last wager or press the Double and Spin button to increase the amount by two. You can also wager with Special Bets which follow a traditional set formula such as Finales a Cheval, En Plein and Voisins du Zero which are all designed to help you gain maximum table coverage. As with all the games in the First Person series, you have the freedom to play on a PC, tablet or mobile at any time of the day or night.

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