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Infinite Blackjack


About Infinite Blackjack

Here at 21.co.uk, we're known for being one of the best sites to play casino games in the UK so we're always on the hunt for something new and innovative to add into to our collection - and Evolution's Infinite Blackjack is just the ticket.

When you enter Infinite Blackjack you can immediately sense you're about to receive a high-quality entertainment experience. The classy surroundings of honey-coloured wooden panelling interspersed with blue fretwork won't ever distract from the fast action on the half-moon table.

The only noise you'll ever hear is the occasional rustling of the cards. Infinite Blackjack is an awe-inspiring combination of live casino and virtual action. Computer generated betting panels set into the table move to indicate when you should place a wager. As your universal hand is dealt it seamlessly transforms into virtual cards that are so lifelike you'll almost be tempted to pick them up.

How to Play Infinite Blackjack

Online Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play and has the object of reaching a total of twenty-one with the value of your cards. To begin with you are dealt two cards which in reality are shared by the infinite number of unseen players you are seated beside. The best bits of blackjack comes from how you use your bets to outwit the dealer and win plenty of generous prizes.

You can concentrate on enjoying the casino game as soon as you're seated as navigation around the screen is straightforward. Use the minus icon to stand, plus to hit and the arrow keys to split. If you make an error use Re-Do to alter your wager. Double Down increases it and opt for an Insurance bet to safeguard half your stake if the dealer should attain a blackjack score of twenty-one. You can choose to stand if your tally is not far off twenty-one and hope you've scored more than the dealer. If you go over the limit, you're bust.

Special Features in Infinite Blackjack

Side Bets add another dimension to Infinite Blackjack. A 21+3 Side Bet wins rewards for matching with standard poker combinations and pays at 100/1 if your first two cards and the dealer's upturned card achieve a winning score.

Hot 3 wins cash for totals of nineteen, twenty and twenty-one. Win instant cash with Pairs if your first two cards match. Bust It wins a variety of prizes if the dealer's hand exceeds the twenty-one limit, while the Six Card Charlie Rule allows you to win with six cards on individual split hands even if your score is less than the dealer's.

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