Introduction to Live Blackjack

The world's leading online Live Blackjack is as fast and as entertaining as it gets. Experience the world-famous card game Blackjack, streamed in real time and in TV quality for your PC or iPad, wherever you are in the world. We are bringing the Live Casino online experience to you at the touch of a button. Our Live Blackjack is the fastest, slickest UK casino game, so it’s as close as you can get to playing this enormously popular game in a real casino. Take your virtual seat at the online blackjack table and be greeted by your friendly, professional dealer. Real cards are dealt at a real table, and bets are placed via the easy-to-use interface on your PC or iPad screen. Experience real-time interaction with your dealer, and amongst the players too, making for a thoroughly entertaining and engaging online gaming experience. It’s the classic game of Blackjack that is live and as real as it gets via the internet.

If you are new to blackjack, don't worry. The appeal of this game is that it is so easy to learn. Taking your seat at our virtual blackjack table immediately introduces you to a live dealer by way of real-time video, audio, and chat. And yes, the table and cards are real as well.

The point of live casino blackjack is to assemble cards with a running point total. You want to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. If you do, you win that hand. The game is complete when all the cards have been dealt.

You will be the only player at your table unless you choose to play a VIP table. As the only player, you will have the exclusive attention of your dealer as long as you continue to play. Communicate with you dealer through the chat function; your dealer will reply by speaking to you, so make sure your sound is turned on.

How to Play Live Online Blackjack UK

Take your virtual seat and try to achieve a hand that’s closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. Choose your view of the game by clicking on the Settings button in the toolbar. Two views are available, as described below. We will automatically display the best view based on an automatic assessment of your internet connection.

Now that you understand the basics, it is time to learn to play. Login and sit down at your virtual blackjack table. Wager by clicking on the chips underneath the video screen. When you are ready to go, click the 'Deal' button to see your first two cards. You can then:

Hit Take another card

Stand Take no more cards and defer to the dealer

Double Double your wager and then take another card

Split Split your two cards into separate hands and draw two more cards (note that this automatically doubles your wager).

A couple of things to note here. First, you can only split on the first draw. Once you decide to hit or stand, your opportunity to split has passed. Second, note that our Live Casino Blackjack game requires the dealer to stand at 17. This gives you a slight advantage if you are willing to take the risk on a card total of 10 or more.

At the conclusion of each hand you can either repeat the next hand with the same wager or choose a new wager. Click the 'Clear' button to remove all wagers from the table and start over.

Live Blackjack Features

You can play Live Blackjack in either 3-D or classic theme in our blackjack online casino setting. The former gives you a more realistic experience while the latter gives you a wider view of the entire table. If you are looking to play blackjack with higher minimum bets and other players at the same table, consider joining one of our VIP tables.

Live Blackjack 3D View In 3D View, your seat and designated betting area appears directly on the live-stream video image of the game table.

Live Blackjack Classic View In Classic View, you can interact with a larger, more defined graphical depiction of the game table.

Live Blackjack VIP Tables Fancy yourself a high roller? Play at our VIP Blackjack table to place higher minimum bets and play alongside other high-wagering players in this exclusive environment.

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