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Roulette at the Royal Casino

The Royal Casino is an 8,000 square foot land-based casino located in Aarhus, Denmark. Local players can visit the casino to enjoy a floor offering dozens of slot machines and a variety of table games. The complex also houses a restaurant and hotel.

Needless to say that Royal Casino is a popular destination for Danish gamblers. Now online gamblers can visit this world-class facility via the internet. They can play Authentic Roulette alongside other players physically seated at the casino's table.

The Roulette Live Royal Casino Experience

Advanced computer and streaming technologies are what make it possible to play live online roulette streaming from the Royal Casino. The gameplay experience is exceptional thanks to HD cameras streaming all the action in amazing clarity. Players have a full view of the roulette wheel and the betting table during play.

Each online player controls his or her actions using computer-generated graphics placed at the bottom of the screen. The graphic representation of the betting area – including inside bets, outside bets, and the race track – is where all of the action takes place.

Just as with any other roulette game, online players only have a certain amount of time to place their bets. Betting is accomplished by highlighting virtual poker chips and dragging them onto the betting table. Once the croupier calls for no more bets, the wheel spins and the marble drops.

Note that gamblers have access to standard options including repeating, doubling, or undoing previous bets. Just look for the appropriate controls at the bottom of the screen. Everything you could do while physically seated at the roulette table is possible in this online game.

Live Casino Comparer

Authentic Live Roulette at the Royal Casino is enhanced by something known as the Live Casino Comparer. This is a tool built into the gaming software that keeps online players apprised of what is going on at the table. They can easily view game statistics, hot and cold number areas, and more. Live Casino Comparer makes it easier to follow the action even though you are not physically at the casino.

A Live Roulette Experience from Home

The best way to explain Authentic Live Roulette is to say that it is a truly live experience that you participate in from the comfort of your own home. What more could you ask for from a live gaming environment? Authentic Live Roulette gives you unmistakably live roulette action presented through HD video and streaming audio without having to travel to Denmark.

The Royal Casino does have limited operating hours, so Authentic Live Roulette is not available around the clock. Feel free to check out our other live casino games when this live roulette game is not open for play.

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