How to Play Live VIP Blackjack

Live VIP Blackjack follows the same blackjack rules, but the setting and concept are a little more sophisticated. You will first need to place your bet and then the dealer and you will be handed your cards. All of the cards in Blackjack count their face value, the picture cards are worth 10 and then the ace is either 1 or 11. You will then have to decide whether you want to stand, hit, double down or split. The dealer must hit on 16 or less and stand on 17 to 21. You will win if your hand totals higher than the dealer's hand or if you have 21 or less when the dealer busts.


You can choose to double down after the first two hands have been dealt by the dealer. This means that your bet will double and you will receive one more card.


If your cards have the same value then you may choose to split them into two separate hands. The initial bet that you had will be doubled and you will be able to play on both hands. If you split an ace then you will only be able to pick one extra card for each of the hands.


This is the best possible outcome of your game, it will beat all of the other hands during the game and will pay out at 3:2.

Why Play Live VIP Blackjack?

If you’re looking to play Blackjack, but at more of an exclusive level then VIP Blackjack is the one for you, played in a plush room with a fireplace, this really does feel like a step up from the usual. Not only that but in VIP Blackjack your stake can be higher than the standard game , allowing wagers of anywhere between £50 to £5000.

The Verdict

The VIP Blackjack room oozes with elegance and class, the warm fireplace and mahogany tones make it for comfortable gameplay, but the real question is whether or not you can beat the dealer. As far as live casino games go, this is a great option for high rollers looking for a luxurious setting.

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