Live VIP Blackjack D

Live VIP Blackjack D


Exclusive Live Blackjack

We offer new UK casino games and tables with higher betting limits and exclusive access. That is exactly what VIP Live Blackjack is all about. Billed as a red table experience, you will enjoy the finest Live Blackjack action from a studio designed specifically to cater to VIP guests.

The studio's elegant surroundings are just what you would expect from a VIP game. The professionally trained dealers are also expert presenters, using the live audio and video feeds to bring you an impeccable experience. We believe that once you play VIP Live Blackjack, you will consider it one of the finest live gambling opportunities online.

Live Blackjack VIP Rules

You'll be pleased to know that VIP Live Blackjack doesn't involve any special rules or a steep learning curve. This is the classic blackjack game you know and love. None of what you see on your screen is a computer simulation with the exception of your virtual poker chips and the buttons you use to make your decisions. Everything else is absolutely real.

VIP Live Blackjack follows classic online blackjack rules including the dealer drawing to 16 and standing at 17. Dealer blackjacks pay out at 2 to 1 with insurance; standard blackjacks pay 3 to 2.

If you are into side bets, VIP Live Blackjack offers you the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets. The 21+3 bet is based on forming a winning poker hand with the dealer's up card and your first two cards. The Perfect Pairs bet requires you to make a matching colour or mixed pair with your first two cards.

Live Blackjack with Plenty of Room

One of the features we most love about VIP Live Blackjack is the fact that there is plenty of room to play. Through the betting from behind feature, you can play with an unlimited number of others even if none of you can get a seat at the table.

Imagine being at a land-based casino with several dozen guests unable to get a seat. You all choose a player to bet behind. That player plays the game while you watch and place your bets. If your player wins, so do you.

That is exactly how betting from behind works in VIP Live Blackjack. It adds yet another layer of enjoyment to what is already one of the most popular casino games in the world.

VIP Live Blackjack at 21.co.uk

There are a lot of UK casino lobby's where you can play blackjack. We invite you to play here by choosing any of our live casino games. Be sure to check out VIP Live Blackjack if you are one of our special guests with VIP status.

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