Live VIP Blackjack G

Live VIP Blackjack G


A Red Table Experience

Just to make it clear that VIP Live Blackjack is an exclusive experience, the tables are covered with red fabric rather than green or blue. This sets them apart just as if they were located in the VIP room of a land-based casino. Rest assured that all of the players participating in the game are VIP guests just like you.

VIP Live Blackjack can host up to seven players per table at any given time. Betting from behind gives you the opportunity to play even if no seats are available. How does it work? You simply choose one of the seated players and place your bets behind him or her.

You can bet from behind one player whose strategy you appreciate. You can switch between players from one hand to the next. Betting from behind is open to a virtually unlimited number of players, so you could be sharing the same Live Blackjack experience with hundreds of others from around the world.

Live Blackjack Rules

Despite VIP Live Blackjack being a red table experience, there are no special rules you have to learn. The goal of accumulating cards with the point total as close to 21 as possible remains the same. The dealer drawing to 16 and standing at 17 is in force. Blackjacks pay out at 3 to 2 while dealer blackjacks pay 2 to 1 with insurance.

To make VIP Live Blackjack even more interesting, there are two side bets available. They are the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets. If you are not familiar with them, do some research before you play. Both side bets offer an extra opportunity to win even if you lose the blackjack hand in question. Note that side bets must be placed before the cards are dealt on any given hand.

How to Play VIP Live Blackjack

Playing VIP Live Blackjack is just like playing online blackjack except that you are working with a live environment. Use your mouse or tap your screen to drag-and-drop chips onto the table. That's how you ante up. Once all of the seated players have placed their bets, the dealer draws two cards for each player. You can then hit, stand, double, or split.

Note that you do not have to wait for other players at the table. VIP Live Blackjack's pre-decision play allows every seated player to make their moves simultaneously. This makes for faster play and more hands dealt in the same amount of time.

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