Multiplier Odyssey

Multiplier Odyssey

Multiplier Odyssey is an online slot created by Relax Gaming who have focused on providing players with a massive win potential in a highly volatile slot. The coin collector bonus and Free Spins bring a unique twist that alters your gameplay experience.

About Multiplier Odyssey

Relax Gaming’s Multiplier Odyssey represents exactly what we want to see from our online casino games. There are several impressive features including the Free Spins bonus feature and the Coin Collector bonus. There are 15 fixed paylines for players to utilise across 5 reels and 3 rows. This game contains many unique features, but each feature is straightforward to understand and the biggest wins available from the slot surpasses that of many jackpot slots on our site. The Free Spins bonus takes on a unique twist to provide players with lives rather than actual Free Spins and winning spins will ensure players keep their lives while a losing spins will lose a life. When this is combined with the brilliant multipliers found in the bonus, it makes this slot one of the best bonus games by Relax Gaming.

Relax Gaming have an outstanding reputation for producing some of the best online UK slots and it comes as no surprise that the Multiplier Odyssey slot is at such high quality.

Everything You Need To Know About Multiplier Odyssey

Reels: 5 Reels, 3 Rows

Paylines: 15 Fixed Paylines

Slot Theme: Space

Maximum Win: 50,000x the player’s stake

Volatility: Very High

Main Bonus Round: Multiplier Odyssey Free Spins

Free Spins?: Yes

Jackpot?: Yes

How To Play Multiplier Odyssey


To set your stake on the Multiplier Odyssey slot, players can click the minus and plus symbol on the screen’s bottom bar to change the total bet. Before setting a stake, check your balance in the bottom-right corner of the screen and set up a bankroll that will suit for you the number of spins you wish to play. We recommend using a similar bankroll format to that which you would use for online roulette and online blackjack.


There are three ways that our players can spin the reels in the Multiplier Odyssey online slot, these are manually, automatically or via the turbo feature.

To spin the reels manually, click the middle spin button, this will spin the reels once at your desired stake.

To spin the reels using the turbo feature, click the fast forward symbol, this will provide you with a sped-up version of the standard spin.

To spin the reels automatically, click the far-right button which will provide our players with a number of options which you can find out about below.


Activating this feature will allow players to select up to 1,000 spins to play with. Set singular win and loss limits that stop the reels once surpassed and set how many spins to play through so you can sit back and relax. Perhaps place a bet on sports if you’re interested in the action.

Multiplier Odyssey Standard Bonus Features

Coin Collector

During the game, coin symbols may land on reels 1-4, where each symbol will display a multiplier value. Land the collector symbol on the 5th reel in order to win the multipliers on the reels. Collectors can also land with up to x3 multipliers, meaning that any multipliers on the first four reels can be doubled or trebled!

Free Spins

To activate the Free Spins bonus round, players must land three or more bonus symbols during a single spin. During this bonus, players will have a life meter (similar to a health bar in Space Odyssey style games), where a losing spin will remove a segment of the life meter and a winning spin will stop the health bar from decreasing.

Three bonus symbols provide players with seven lives. Four bonus symbols provide players with eight lives. Five bonus symbols provide players with nine lives.

However, that’s not all, as every time that players land wins on the reels, a multiplier at the top of the reels will be removed and applied to the win. If players land ten wins and clear the ten active multipliers, this will unlock the Super Multiplier. Landing a win on the Super Multiplier will end the bonus round and allow players to collect their wins. Review

Relax Gaming’s Multiplier Odyssey is a game that we believe contains some brilliant unique features such as multipliers, coin collections and Free Spins. However, as a simplistic game that is extremely playable and contains a tonne of unique features, this game is one that we highly recommend to new and experienced players. If you’re looking for something different, why not check out our new live casino games to play online in the UK?