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About Spaceman

If you are under the impression that crash games aren’t a good alternative to other games, think again. Thanks to Pragmatic Play, crash games are moving into the mainstream online casino environment. The reason being is Spaceman, a crash game that delivers unique features with all of the added respectability that comes with an established licensed software developer.

If you are new to crash gambling, it’s pretty simple stuff. Essentially, players bet on a line that’s rising and need to cash out before it crashes. The gamble is, the longer you leave it, the more you win. In the case of this game, it’s all about watching the spaceman blast off and letting him soar before he crashes. This is also a social game, so you will be playing with others.

As soon as your screen loads, you will be greeted by a friendly spaceman standing underneath his spaceship. In the background you will see outer space, the final frontier. While you make your bet, the astronaut will be patiently waiting around before blasting off which is where the gameplay gets going. Along the bottom of the screen, you can see a line of past results and in the top right corner you can find the rules if you are unsure of anything.

Once the spaceman has jetted off, two new buttons appear. These are Cash out and Cash out 50%. Both of these display rising payout values and if you hit either of them before the Spaceman crashes, you will collect their respective prize. Needless to say, Cash out entirely takes you out of the game with your prize, while Cash out 50% means you will bank half of the win but remain in the game with the other half of your stake. If the Spaceman crashes before you have cashed out, you lose the bet.

Spaceman Statistics

Reels: N/A

Slot Provider: Pragmatic Play

Paylines: N/A

Slot Theme: Space

Main Bonus Round: N/A

Free Spins?: No

How To Play Spaceman

How to Set Your Stake

The size of your bet can be adjusted using the buttons at the bottom of the game.

How to Spin the Reels

There are no reels in this game, you simply need to confirm your bet prior to each game. There is a button on the centre bottom for this.

21.co.uk Review Of Spaceman

Spaceman from Pragmatic Play is bringing crash gambling to the masses and comes with some pretty snazzy visuals. If you are new to this type of game, or have tried it before, the unique features of the game will provide something for all players.

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