How to Get Started in Online Poker

How to Get Started in Online Poker

Written 14th January 2020

Poker has remained a player favourite top UK casino game for decades, following from the land-based variations into the realm of online casino without its level of popularity among players dipping. However, playing online poker is vastly different from playing at a live table in a physical brick and mortar casino, but that doesn’t mean to say getting started with online poker is difficult to achieve. In fact, it’s quite easy and relatively simple when you have steps to follow, so we here at have created a definitive guide to show our players how to get started in online poker.

What is Online Poker?

Online Poker simply is the traditional poker card game but played over the internet. As there is in face to face poker, there is a vast variety of online poker variations available for players to try their hands at - each holding their own set of betting rules and appropriate rule variations.

Online Poker vs Live Poker

The base rules of poker remain the same regardless of whether you’re playing live poker in a casino or an online variant, however, there are some differences in gameplay that are worth noting:

Online Poker hands tend to be played out much quicker.

Some games may bode less risk as there are lower betting options.

Games are more easily accessible and are not dependent on locations.

You are playing against strangers and are unable to look at your opponents face to face to search for a “tell”. However, there are still many ways you can tell someone is bluffing which players can learn.

If you’re still not overly sure about the differences between playing poker online and in a live casino setting, we’ve got you covered. We compiled and definitive comparison of online poker vs live poker to help our players who feel they need a little more info before delving into the world of online poker.

A Brief History of Online Poker

For decades poker players often dwelled in the backs of bars and within the confines of land-based casinos, but in the early 2000s when the internet began to expand an accountant from Tennessee elevated poker into a primetime spot. Prior to this, most online poker playing took place in chat rooms and was plainly recreational - as technology advanced and more secure poker-based websites began to appear, online players were able to partake in games that included placing wagers against one another.

In 2003, people began to take the idea of online poker playing more seriously when an amateur poker named Chris Moneymaker managed to bet his way to the World Series of Poker Main Event through an online tournament which cost him $40 to enter - he ended up walking away from the table with a colossal $2.5 million when he won the tournament, single-handedly revolutionising online poker. Not long after his triumph, poker began to be showcased on US television and hundreds of people flocked to play online poker.

Why is Online Poker So Popular?

Online Poker remains popular for many of the same reasons that playing poker in a land-based setting is, it’s engaging, easy-to-learn, and an intellectual game that rewards playing with actual skill as opposed to boasting randomly generated outcomes like other casino games such as online slots.

This, with the addition of making the game easily accessible at any time of day and able to play from the comfort of your own surroundings, is what makes the idea of online poker so attractive to players all across the globe.

What You Need to Play Online Poker

There are very minimal requirements for online poker and you’re extremely likely to be able to play from the device you’re currently using, as all modern devices have more than enough processing power in them for you to be able to play online - you can also play using a live casino app which are readily available to download across Apple and Android devices, with most of their poker variations set up to be readily conducive to playing on a mobile device.

What Types of Poker Games Can I Play Online?

There are numerous different variations of poker available for you to play online, but the most universally popular variant is Ultimate Texas Hold’em where players are only dealt two cards and must combine them with the 5 community cards to create the strongest hand possible - if you want to brush up on your playing knowledge, check out our guide on how to play poker. The Hold’em variation of poker is very simple to learn but is difficult to master, making it a brilliant gateway into playing poker online.

Other types of poker games include:

Live Three Card Poker

Live Caribbean Stud

2 Hand Hold’em

Side Bet City

Five Play Draw Poker

Omaha Hold’em Poker

Online Poker Tables for Beginners

There are plenty of online tables for you to choose from, but some of them come a little more recommended for beginners than others as you’ll only be seated with other players who classify themselves as beginners - this levels the playing fields dramatically for new players who are still getting used to how the game is played. For poker beginners here at UK Casino, we suggest starting with our Five Play Draw Poker table.

Play Casino Games at

We’ve given you the rundown on everything you need to get started in playing poker online here at - now it’s your turn to take to the tables, how will your hand fair against your opponents? If you feel like poker isn’t the game for you, don’t worry, our live casino catalogue boasts a wide range of different games for our players to explore - from live blackjack and live roulette to 007’s favourite live baccarat, there’s bound to be something to suit your preference. Or if you feel you need a change from the table scene, we also host an ever-growing variety of casino slots for you to spin your way through - if you’re new to online slots, we’d recommend starting off with one of our most popular classics such as the mysterious Cleopatra slot, where players search through the final resting place of the famed Egyptian queen to discover ancient treasures, or the intergalactic Starburst slot that blasts players into the stratosphere where stars, gems and diamonds could hold the key to some sparkling winning potential.