Mega Jackpots

There are a few different types of mega jackpots that you have the potential to win when playing certain online slots. The first is a fixed amount that can be claimed in some games by meeting necessary requirements, usually by landing a certain type or number of symbols. The second type of mega jackpot is a progressive that players can claim at random for impressive cash prizes. There is also a branded progressive mega jackpot from the game provider IGT, which offers large payouts linked to a network.

Fixed Mega Jackpots

There are plenty of jackpot slots that offer mega jackpots as part of their gameplay. Often, you will see this value displayed to the side of the reels, along with other fixed jackpots such as mini and major. Achieving these figures will be dependent on the gameplay, but usually they are awarded for landing a certain number of symbols, or a certain type. In some games, they will make up part of the main bonus feature, such as Free Spins or Respins, while in others they will be offered as a base game bonus.

The key thing to bear in mind about fixed mega jackpots, however, is that their value won’t be influenced by how many rounds you play before hitting them, as they are set at an unchangeable amount, usually reflected in the form of a multiplier than a set figure (2,000x vs £2,000, for example), to accommodate a change of bet value.

Progressive Mega Jackpots

Similar to fixed mega jackpots, but with their value able to increase, progressive mega jackpots are attached to a specific game or online casino. One of the most famous examples of a progressive mega jackpot is in the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming. The jackpot prize often grows to sensational sums of money, with the biggest Mega Moolah UK win being worth over £13 million.

At 21.co.uk we also offer our own progressive pot that is linked to many of our slot games. Gigantic jackpots offer four different pools of mini, minor, major, and the mega jackpot. When you play these games, you pay a little extra when you opt-in, but you may decide the chance to win a mega jackpot worth potentially millions might be worth the extra cost of £0.09 per spin.

IGT MegaJackpots

MegaJackpots are an IGT progressive jackpot network that is available on some games, such as Mistress of Egypt MegaJackpots, and offers an increasing prize that can be claimed at random. To do so, you need to achieve one of two scenarios. The first requires five MegaJackpots symbols landing across the middle of the reels from left to right. The second is entirely random and comes via a second chance which can occur. It’s worth noting that there is no guaranteed figure for this bonus, but the average prize is roughly £900,000, with the largest MegaJackpots prize so far being worth over £1.4 million.

How to Play Mega Jackpots

You can play mega jackpots right here at 21.co.uk as soon as you’re registered. To play mega jackpot slots, you’ll have to choose which of the above categories best suits you, as the progressive, fixed, and IGT branded structures are all different. Once you’ve decided, you can load up progressive mega jackpot slots in our online casino.

It’s worth bearing in mind that most progressive slot games are played in exactly the same way as their non-progressive counterparts, although in some instances the wager you stake on each spin will be for an increased amount, with some network games requiring an additional sum.

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