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If you’re looking for some of the best Monopoly casino games available to play online, then you’re in luck. Whether it’s Monopoly online slots, Slingo, or live casino games that you’re after, our collection presents you with a wide variety to choose from.

Monopoly Casino Games

With such a wide range of games to play in our online casino, it’s little wonder that players often look for titles they are familiar with. If you’re a fan of the family-favourite board game, then feast your eyes on the wide range of Monopoly online casino games that we have to offer.

Monopoly Megaways - Play A Monopoly Casino Slot

When it comes to playing Monopoly slots online, look no further than Monopoly Megaways, where Rich Uncle Pennybags is on hand to escort you around the streets of the famous board game in search of thousands of ways to win Monopoly cash prizes.

You can play Monopoly Megways on any device, including mobile and desktop devices, with none of the quality sacrificed. What’s more, every round of the game offers the chance to win up to the 14,700x jackpot, with up to 117,649 paylines in play on every spin.

Monopoly Live - Play A Monopoly Live Casino Game

With fans crying out for a Monopoly live casino game, Evolution were only too happy to oblige. Monopoly Live follows the traditional Dream Catcher wheel formula, with players placing bets on which segment of the wheel they think will be landed on. However, Monopoly Live also comes with additional bonuses.

Successful bets on the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls segments will bring Rich Uncle Pennybags to life on a 3D Monopoly board. As he travels around it, he’ll collect various cash prizes from the properties on offer. Once the round ends, you’ll get a cash prize, which could be worth up to £500,000.

Slingo Monopoly - Play A Unique Monopoly Casino Experience

Slingo is always a hit with our casino players, and Monopoly Slingo is no different. Unlike other Slingo games, you can even choose the volatility of your round, by selecting which classic game piece to play with. This will determine the number of rolls you receive, as well as the prizes on offer.

If you land on a property, all others of that colour will be crossed off your card, which may help to move you up the prize ladder. There are a few other bonuses in play. You may notice that only 25 of the 26 available properties are on your card. Land on the one that’s not there as you move around the board, and you’ll be awarded an instant cash prize. You can also claim prizes by landing on Free Parking, a Monopoly board game staple.

How to Play Monopoly Casino Games

To play any games in our Monopoly casino, sign up to and register your account details. Once your account has been verified, you’ll be able to play all of your favourite games, including Monopoly classics. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus upon registration.

If you’re looking to access top slots at the touch of a button, you can download our casino app, where all the Monopoly games UK players love are fully playable in high-definition.

Why play Monopoly Casino games?

As a stand-alone game without the Monopoly theme, these games would still be popular around the world today. For example, Monopoly Live is a version of Live Dream Catcher which is one of the most popular live casino games across Europe. So, the addition of the Monopoly branding from Hasbro takes this game to the next level. However, these games are also popular because they bring a sense of familiarity to casino gaming, these are games that some people will have played over 10 years ago and that re-introduction to Monopoly games provides familiarity despite players not playing the actual slot game yet.

Monopoly games also have a wide range of possibilities, with Monopoly Megaways covering fans of slot games, Monopoly Live covering live casino fans and Slingo Monopoly covering the phenomenon that is Slingo casino games.

Monopoly Casino FAQ

Check out the most common questions about Monopoly casino UK players ask, and discover the answers.

Which Online Casino Has Monopoly?

If you’re looking for an online casino with the best Monopoly games available, then why not explore our collection here at, featuring a Megaways slot, a live casino game, and a Slingo alternative inspired by the board game.

Is Playing Monopoly Gambling?

Playing the board game of Monopoly is not generally considered gambling, unless you play Monopoly for real money. However, playing our Monopoly casino games is strictly for those who are over 18.

Can You Win Real Money on Monopoly Slots?

By playing Monopoly Megaways, you have the chance to win impressive cash prizes, for real money. The same is true of Monopoly Live and Slingo Monopoly too, along with all of the casino games we offer at

How to Play Monopoly Live Casino

To play Monopoly Live in our online casino, you’ll need to register an account and make a deposit. Once you’re ready, head on over to Monopoly Live to play a round or two of this popular game.