New Player Sign-Up Bonus

As an online casino player, we at know that you’re looking for the best bonus offers you can find, and why wouldn’t you? New or experienced, you want the best out of your time and money, and at 21, we think you should be getting the best that we can offer.

On our site, we are dedicated to bringing you fresh welcome bonuses as a thank you for signing up with us. Whether with online slots or live casino we try to fulfil the wants of our customers to make your experience here that much more enjoyable.

We have many things to offer here at, from slots, to live casino and even online betting and informative blogs to help you better understand what you can get out of joining us. If you’re interested in learning more about our offers, you can also check out our promotions page.

About the new player sign-up offer.

If you are new to 21 and haven’t signed up with us before, and you are interested in the variety of online games we have to offer, then you’re eligible for any new player sign-up bonuses we have to offer. Choose to register with us and once you fill in your details, make sure to opt-in for our new player bonus, otherwise you’ll miss your opportunity to claim! This is not obligatory, and if you’re not interested in the welcome bonus, you don’t have to claim it at all!

We don’t just appreciate our new customers though, also tries to provide the best bonuses for existing customers too! Anything you need to know about our offers, and all T&Cs, can be found on our promotions page!

What Is a New Player Sign-Up Bonus?

A sign-up bonus is a bonus that can be collected by a new player when they have signed up to a new casino site. To collect this offer, players must sign-up to and ‘opt-in’ to the bonus on the ‘my promotions’ section of your account.

What benefits do I get from my Sign-Up Bonus?

With our sign-up bonus, new players get the chance to try some of the best online slots in the UK for free! It is also a fantastic opportunity to test out one of the top online casinos, so you can see if the casino is the right one for you.

Don’t forget to opt-in!

Players have 72 hours (3 days) to opt-in to the sign-up bonus and a further 7 days to use the bonus after it has been claimed. If you do not opt-in or use this bonus within these dates, the bonus will be removed from your account. For more information, check our Terms and Conditions.